Finally, after 30 years, Liverpool were very close to the championship in Premiership history. With a distance of 25 points compared to the second team Manchester City, Army Jürgen Klopp just 6 points away from the official coronation.

Grim Liverpool: Celebrate championship
Coach Jürgen Klopp (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Jürgen Klopp

But no one expected happened thing after the pandemic broke out strong Covid-19 in Europe, which made a series of sporting events were canceled or postponed. Of these, the highest league in England is no exception.

However in the latest announcement, the board Premiership was officially declared the official season will be from 17/6 to 26/7 back.

Expected in the next 4/6 days, the Premier League will continue to meet with executives of the club to build a number of rules governing re-start of the season for 2019/20.

A problem related to the amount of television rights fees for domestic and foreign partners even when the season finished are very interested. Accordingly Premier League has agreed to reimburse 330 million pounds to the television partners. Of the £ 330 million refund, £ 223 million transfer to the partners in the country, 107 million pounds for the international partners.

Expected refund amount may be greater than if the project is restarted and the match is not expected to take place on schedule announced. Specifically, the Premier League will have to pay 35 million pounds if just one week later after the time 26/7.

The source of the Daily Mail said the amount of £ 330 million television rights fees will not be divided equally for each team that depends on the position of the teams in the league. Per club Premier League will have to repay 15.7 million pounds, but top 6 will refund approximately 20 million pounds. This means, in the case of Liverpool Championships, they will have to repay 24.5 million pounds.

Until the present time, the Premier League are preparing themselves and the confidentiality of the project restarted 2019/20 season. Accordingly, players who tested positive for Covid-19 in medical tests this week will be quarantined for 14 days, meaning unable to contribute in the project to restart.