Griezmann's performance before Osasuna

Barcelona won a 4-0 big victory over Osasuna to temporarily rise to 7th in La Liga BXH. Their public goods have 4 people who play, Coutinho, Messi, Griezmann and Braithwaite have scored to bring Barca back to the victory circuit after losing to Atletico Madrid 0-1 in the previous round.

Griezmann should not be horrified for Barca, regain the form thanks to
Griezmann plays light to help Barca lower Osasuna (Photo source: Internet)

Griezmann plays light to help Barca lower Osasuna

The remarkable imprint is Griezmann's performance, who can be considered the best player in the match. He had a shot like the cannon 42 of 42 minutes that Osasuna's goalkeeper was only watching the ball into the net, before creating Coutinho to set up in the 57th minute. You can say the best player to play Messi also has an excellent performance.

Especially the "cannon" scoring of the French striker shows a great assertiveness and confidence from a player who loses his performance in most years. At Coutinho's desk, Griezmann was not only an innovative person but also himself robbed from Osasuna's footsteps to open the counterattack chance.

This is the second consecutive match Griezmann scored for Barca and people are seeing his revival that coincides with a change in Barca squad. Coach Ronald Koeman has two consecutive matches that bring striker Martin Braithwaite on the stone plug and the Danish player is the main star in the victory of Dynamo Kiev 4-0 when there is a double & one creation.

Griezmann was famous at Atletico as a stone backward striker behind Mario Mandzukic or Diego Costa. After selling Luis Suarez, Koeman tried Griezmann in a plug-in stone position but was not effective and only recently Braithwaite was awarded the task while Griezmann played behind, the Griezmann was returned to the school position. He played well 2 matches.