The source from ESPN Deportes said Mr. Victor Font is the brightest candidate to win the election of Barca president in January next year, despite having 10 candidates for this position. Cadena Cope quoted Mr. Font: "Griezmann is a contract that should not be done."

Griezmann inspired a harsh review in Barca, why is the deal of glimpse?
Griezmann is having difficulty in adapting to Barca's gameplay (Photo source: Internet)

Griezmann is having difficulty in adapting to Barca's gameplay

Font assumed that former President Barca Bartomeu, who directly carried Griezmann about Nou Camp, without much knowledge of world football. For this reason, he listed 3 key points to Barca's new leadership to work effectively and achieved the objective.

"The signing contract with Griezmann is done by people who are not in the world football village. Therefore, what we want first is to have experience with experience to manage institutional as Barca, focusing on being Make strategic decisions and know how to run both in the field of sports as well as business, "this entrepreneur emphasizes.

Griezmann joined Barca according to the 120 million euros from Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2019. Since then, the French striker has not yet shown that he is worthy of "rice coins" that the Nou Camp team team has left out. French strikers only scored 2 goals after 9 appearances in this season.

There are differences between Griezmann in Barca and France. In the WORLD CUP CHRISTMAS, Griezmann plays at the middle of the middle structure and is the center of the attacks. In Barca, he often played in the wing corridor area with Messi support task.

This weekend, Griezmann will have the opportunity to reunite the old team when Barca marches to Atletico Madrid's guests in La Liga framework. This match is expected to be very difficult for Blaugrana.

Currently, Atletico Madrid is also ranked third in the La Liga rankings with 17 points, inferior to the top team Real Sociedad 3 points but fights less than 2 matches. On the contrary, Barca was ranked 8th with 11 points in his hand.