The trio's performances Suarez - Griezmann - Messi

Barcelona won a vital victory over Villarreal 4-1 to cling race La Liga champions. Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez and Ansu Fati each contributed one goal in the opener, kick contrast of Pau Torres, there is a clear contribution of Griezmann, whose performances shine after a period style of disappointment.

Griezmann burst with Messi & Suarez: The press praised the initiative
"Barca regain coherency" - articles of the journal Sport (Image Source: Internet)

"Barca regain coherency" - Sport newspaper article

Despite victories dark was not so strange, but public opinion Catalunya in particular and the international general can not ignore a performance is probably the smoothest since Barca back playing after translation Covid-19 . Or even the smoothest coach Quique Setien since, by this military rulers made a bold decision to change for this match.

Coach Setien decided to abandon the familiar 4-3-3 Barca whenever possible to switch to a 4-4-2 diamond stone with stone plug Suarez, playing just behind Griezmann and Lionel Messi in the "peak" of diamond. This is probably the first time in the position Griezmann was stone last forte when Messi came off the bench since his farewell to Atletico Madrid today.

Newspaper Sport, the leading sports newspaper city, posted headline clearly emphasized their satisfaction: "Barca regain coherence". Javier Giraldo journalist begins the article: "The trio was first attacked really shine for Barcelona as a group rather than individual people. Barca needed a game like that after losing the identity play in the last game and each performance they bring new doubts. "

Griezmann burst with Messi & Suarez: The press praised the initiative
"These champions do not give up" - the title narrative of Mundo Deportivo match (Image Source: Internet)

"These champions do not give up" - the title narrative of Mundo Deportivo match

Also in the journal Sport, journalist Toni Frieros had an article entitled: "This is Griezmann that we want to see". Frieros analysis that the change of Setien makes triad attack players closer together than ever: "The participation in the play of Griezmann in the 1st half was more than the sum of many games before, it was because he and 2 partners not too far apart from 5m, or even 2m, when they began to attack the box ".

Mundo Deportivo, the appreciation of the spirit of competition Barca players. In the article titled "The champions did not give up," Joan Poqui wrote: "Probably late, but the reaction of Barcelona before streak disappointed the past and the results of Real Madrid made a match the most comprehensive of the club game since back playing. "

"Setien seems to have found a system to make the players comfortable Barca make up a ball, attack quickly and efficiently. Riqui Puig, after a pretty good match, had on the bench because of his place in the scheme of Setien 4-4-2 is where Messi, and the class of Leo is not a table ".

Griezmann burst with Messi & Suarez: The press praised the initiative
Squawka special attention on the 4-4-2 diamond for Barca coach Setien applies (Image Source: Internet)

Squawka special attention on the diamond 4-4-2 applies for Barca coach Setien

Specialized English website statistical analysis Squawka also the victory of Barcelona. Titled "The diamond shape of Villarreal Barcelona destruction," the author Muhammad Butt said that not only Griezmann but also generate mutants Sergi Roberto. "Roberto Arturo Vidal but also rock as capable of the ball in midfield raided better, and Roberto was left drifting allow him Jordi Alba combined with Villarreal's torment right. Opener is a result of the horizontal stretch after Roberto Alba brought down ", the article said.

"Griezmann is rock close to the other players made him more comfortable, especially the ability to coordinate with Messi. Even Suarez also benefit, he does not move much, but in the current age Suarez could not move the broad constant, so the Uruguayan striker in the processing precision also when not to run many ".