Premiership 2019/20 ended accompanied announced the most significant parameter in the season. Speed ​​is increasingly seen as an important factor for the players as they have to compete in an environment of Premier League which opponents play very muscular and pressed extremely fast, and the fastest players have gained a foothold certain in the league's 20 clubs.

Greenwood & 2 STAR MU in the top 10 fastest Premiership
Kyle Walker continues to be the fastest player of the Premiership (Image Source: Internet)

Kyle Walker continues to be the fastest player of Premiership

Recently OPTA Sports has reached statistical players in the highest velocity Premier League match last season, had the ball or the ball will not count. MU is the team possesses many of the top 10 players with 3 people, while City have two players and the teams remaining in the top 10 who are Wolves, Aston Villa, Leicester, Arsenal and Southampton.

Kyle Walker to achieve the fastest speed today against Chelsea at 25/6, he has reached level 37,8km / h. Adama Traore he's just over Wolverhampton right 0,01km / h, the speed at which Traore achieved against Chelsea last 26/7 days. Apart from capital Walker is known by the speed (beyond both Aubameyang & Ousmane Dembele though running back), Man City also has a more player Phil Foden in the top 10 (37,1km / h), although Foden known ball handling technique rather than speed.

Traore is Mason Greenwood behind Manchester United at No. 3, reaching speeds of 37,6km / h against Everton, third day. Not surprisingly, by Greenwood is a very good athletes in the 100m range and presence in the team of the U13 100m UK group.

Surprisingly, the two teammates Greenwood presence here was not always known in terms of speed. Aaron Wan-Bissaka Trezeguet and Aston Villa have the same velocity as when Fred owns Greenwood in velocity 37,29km / h in the game against Everton dated 15/12/2019, ranked No. 9 on Foden. Not Daniel James or Marcus Rashford, but Fred & Wan-Bissaka.

Greenwood & 2 STAR MU in the top 10 fastest Premiership
Mason Greenwood (Image Source: Internet)

Mason Greenwood

Caglar's Soyuncu midfielder Leicester City may look tall and stiff, but he also owns a very good pace, ranked No. 6 in the list at a speed of up to 37,54km / h against Crystal Palace Date 3/11 / 2019. Soyuncu had defeated Mohamed Salah in a speed race and challenge that the ball did not even have his personal record this season, but instead when you race against Wilfried Zaha.

2 other players behind Ainsley Maitland-Niles Soyuncu is Arsenal (37,44km / h) & Shane Long of Southampton (37,35km / h). Long is probably the biggest surprise when at age 33 he still extremely speed, his velocity here even faster than the 2016/17 season when he has time fastest player the Premier League with a velocity of 35 , 31km / h (faster than Walker & Marcus Rashford).

However the fastest Premier League record still not broken. Gareth Bale reaching speeds of up to 37,98km / h in the 2012/13 season for Tottenham and so far no one has reached the close of his velocity. Though it must be added that the speed of the players the Premier League has increased very significantly over the past few seasons, unlike when Bale record many still consider it can not solve the milestone.