Shocking message of Saul

Late Tuesday - Sunday, 31/5, midfielder Saul Niguez shocking. On the official Twitter page, the star of Club Atletico sent a message to all "new club - I will notice after 3 days ...".

The message on the official Twitter page of Saul Niguez (Image Source: Internet)

The message on the official Twitter page of Saul Niguez

A message brief but meaningful. And immediately it attracted special attention. For as in the 1/8 round of the Champions League, while Liverpool face Atletico. Spain midfielder shone in the first leg with the only goal, helping the team to Madrid to win big advantage. And from that advantage, Atletico struck down the defending champions at Anfield.

Saul Niguez is becoming one of the few players to play the most under Simeone, rarely resting and always present in the field with 100% effort and dedication. So far, after 286 matches with "Rojiblancos" Saul Niguez not receive any red cards.

In other matches, Saul Niguez will be a true defensive midfielder in the middle to Thomas Partey Koke or create a shield in front of goal Jan Oblak. It is in the harsh battle with Liverpool, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid.

But better than that in those moments when the enemy caught up in the rhythm inescapable vortex attack, Saul Niguez likely to finish opponents. He has repeatedly done so since starred in the Argentine squad. Liverpool is not the first victim, previously in Bayern Munich's Champions League semi-finals in 2016.

Berth for the super midfield?

According to Daily Mail, once Saul really determined to leave Atletico Madrid, the possibility of landing the Premiership is next the 25 year-old. Because Saul spent many feelings for Wanda Metropolitano field team.

Saul shines against Liverpool in the Champions League recently (Image Source: Internet)

Saul shines against Liverpool in the Champions League recently

Saul came to Atletico was 14, after 2 years in oven cafeteria Real Castilla and the place was deserted. Atletico was elevated pedestal Saul room, turned him into one of the most talented midfielders in Europe at present. So, if Saul had to leave Atletico are also unlikely to join Real or Barca. Griezmann Saul differ on this point.

In a very long time, MU pursuit of Atletico Madrid star. Between May last, the newspaper Todo Fichajes disclosure agreement between Atletico and Manchester United on the future of Saul Niguez has been completed. "Reds" 230,000 euro salary proposal / week, almost double what Saul is received (130,000 euros / week).

Saul Niguez old contract with Atletico longer period of 6 years, with a break fee of up to 150 million contracts euros. However, according to sources of Todo Fichajes if Saul buy this time, "Reds" only to spend 80 million euros.

However, do not exclude the possibility of coach Jürgen Klopp will try to put Saul to Anfield, after witnessing how these players shine against Liverpool. Remember, the midfielder is extremely consistent with the philosophy of the German military rulers.

But there is one other assumption is in place, according to the predictions of Marca. Saul probably only sought attention in time everything stagnated because pandemic Covid-19. And perhaps the new team of Saul is only one club he managed in the electronic games only.