Goals from Dimitar Berbatov in the Premier League

Dimitar Berbatov (nicknamed "The Godfather") declared in September last year retirement to end a memorable career, and won more caps for success at Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham and Manchester United. He was remembered by Manchester United fans not only the ability to do the table, but also by technical skillful control, sometimes been compared to "glue stick legs".

Berbatov had a successful career at MU (Image Source: Internet)

Berbatov had a successful career at MU

However Berbatov Manchester United have just stayed 4 seasons and did not remain at Old Trafford to witness the final season manager Sir Alex Ferguson led the "Reds", the 2012/13 season but the Premier League champions Manchester United convincingly with leading scorer Robin Van Persie. The Van Persie was bought from Arsenal Fergie while Berbatov Fulham pushed to indicate it was a nice combination of the individual not the Bulgarian.

Berbatov ultimately helped MU 2 times Premier League champions and Champions League runner-up in the 2008/09 season, and a co-scorer in the 2010/11 Premier League season. But there is one fact that Berbatov, despite his talent, has not starred in the championship MU won, and even house scorer there is also thanks to a boom style of short rather than long-term stability.

That season Berbatov has scored 20 goals for Manchester United to equal Carlos Tevez of Manchester City, but has 11 goals in only three of which came in the match. In the 2010/11 season, Berbatov did not even scored in 7 games in the Champions League, so in total 42 games played this season, if discarded 3 match, then Berbatov has scored 11 goals in 39 matches 10 goals only remaining back (9 goals in the Premier League, the Community Shield 1 goal).

Trilogy Rooney - Tevez - Ronaldo causing terrified of Europe defense in the 2007/08 season (Image Source: Internet)

Trilogy Rooney - Tevez - Ronaldo causing terrified of Europe defense in 2007/08 season

So that when Berbatov significant slump in the next season 2011/12, Sir Alex is no reason to push him to Fulham and with his aggressive, he did not miss the opportunity to buy Van Persie. Fergie saw the inefficiency of Berbatov before he struck Berbatov when Manchester United meet Barcelona completely Champions League final in 2010/11. Berba rock hard and what makes a difference when he is not pressing, but Barca, the ball too well.

Right from the first season 2008/09 Berbatov has revealed certain problems with the attacking kicking with Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Tevez. His playing style slow pace attack of Manchester United a lot, "Reds" with Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez and Louis Saha both previously was one of the best teams in Europe to counterattack.

Manchester United scored 80 goals 2007/08 season and the 2008/09 season dropped to 68 goals. Ronaldo scored 31 goals in the Premier League last season, the season after falling 18 goals, Rooney two seasons scored 12 goals right from 14 goals while Tevez dropped 5 goals. Tevez bench 2008/09 season to 11 games in the Premier League and the season after deciding defection to Manchester City, helping the club to go to the first championship after the takeover UAE.

Berbatov at Manchester United career start came to an end after he was struck in the 2011 Cup final C1 (Image Source: Internet)

Berbatov at Manchester United career start came to an end after he was struck in the 2011 Cup final C1

Berbatov beloved in the eyes of Manchester United fans but his role can not match, let alone those Nani Rooney, Van Persie or Ronaldo. Berbatov's style of football belongs to the public in 1990. Customers can still kick MU delicious if Tevez stayed and used the money to buy Berbatov to enhance or supplement midfield striker Chicharito size as Plan B .

Sir Alex might not admit it, buy Berbatov is one of the biggest mistakes of his transfer alongside Jaap Stam sale. MU is no longer a European power, they are a finalist for the 2010/11 season with a relatively easy journey (Rangers, Valencia, Bursaspor in the group stage, Marseille, Chelsea and Schalke 04 in the knockout) while the remaining season not exceed eight.

Berbatov is a player played beautifully, but the legend is not enough. Maybe you like Andrei Arshavin at Arsenal, a star occasionally "burst into flames" while the remainder represents an average face.