After many incidents, Champions League 2019/20 has finally come to an end. PSG overcame Bayern Munich in the final took place in Lisbon (Portugal) 1-0. Bitter to represent France as the only scorer as "old man" of them, Kingsley Coman.

Goalkeeper Neuer the older or
PSG has attacked or very good but even better Neuer (Image Source: Internet)

PSG has attacked or very good but even better Neuer

To be fair, PSG played no less offensive or Bayern Munich. They are the ones who have the opportunity to dangers ahead. Mbappe with consecutive 2-minute shot off the crossbar in the 14th and 15th but were deterred Bayern Munich defender. When the players pass the defense PSG "Bayern" then they faced "walls" Manuel Neuer named.

German goalkeeper had a great game or the climax saves time to one game, despite the 1 with the goalscorers as Mbappe or Neymar. Brazilian striker first tested Neuer with a shot after 18 minutes ultrafast angled but Bayern goalkeeper was timely reflexes. Neuer even keep back foot clearance paid reverse way then by Neymar.

Goalkeeper Neuer the older or
Marquinhos can not win Neuer (Image Source: Internet)

Marquinhos can not win Neuer

The last minute of the first half, the goalkeeper caught the Mbappe neat shot in the penalty area. Also need to add that, PSG No.7 was definitely a little "gentle" in the shadow phase. Neuer continues to have an outstanding saves in the second half when the cassette closes promptly corner before finishing the access point of Marquinhos. Even in situations 1 game 1 with Mbappe late game, Neuer also won despite the French striker has Vietnamese taste.

Kingsley Coman who brought the only goal for Bayern but Neuer was the one who kept winning representative for Germany. He was the first goalkeeper kept a clean sheet in both the C1 Cup final and the World Cup. Earlier, Neuer has kept a clean sheet in the final of the 2014 World Cup when Germany beat DT DT Argentina.

Even if your Mbappe Vietnam, Neuer also refused to accept this player scored

This year was 34, Neuer is one of the few veterans of Bayern Munich each C1 Cup champion goalkeeper in 2013. Germany had long injury and sidelined. Bayern Munich goalkeeper and even buy new (Alexander Nübel) to replace and on the German team, many people said that Neuer should be replaced by Ter Stegen.

However, Manuel Neuer had "declared war" and prove his strength. This kind goalkeeper Ter Stegen em main man in the semi-finals, while Bayern crushed Barca 8-2, then made "couples 360 million euros," Neymar - Mbappe to "cry" in the C1 Cup final. It is true that the older spicy ginger".