Arsenal are a success in July and the highlight is Mikel Arteta. Although no real coaching experience but he masters the Spaniards had shown talent as well as his dedication. Even when suffering Covid-19, Arteta still working out exercises regularly for the game and this is his time enjoying "the fruits".

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Arteta is enjoying "the fruits" after much effort (Image Source: Internet)

Arteta is enjoying "the fruits" after much effort

Since entering into July, Arsenal have only lost one game against Tottenham, the rest is 4 wins and 1 draw. What makes this achievement particularly chain than rivals Arsenal faces include Manchester City, Leicester, Liverpool, Wolves - the whole "evil things" of the Premier League at the moment.

Sadly Arteta to Arsenal too late. Currently, "Gunners" are standing 10 on the chart and if you get all 3 points in round 37, they can rise to 8th place with 56 points. Emirates Stadium home side still have a chance to take the 6th - the position is expected to decide the Europa League but not in their hands.

Arsenal won their case in the last two rounds, Tottenham and Wolves lost in the round of 38 are required, the "Gunners" are included is No. 6. In fact, Arsenal do not need drama to this battle. They remain for European door if won the FA Cup championship.

Besides, if Chelsea win the Champions League rights are even losing the FA Cup final, Arsenal still have tickets to the Europa League. However, teachers Arteta sure you want to conquer fate instead of waiting news from other teams.

Get the Aston Villa Football - Arsenal: Next momentum sublimation,
Aston Villa are trying to relegation (Image Source: Internet)

Aston Villa are trying to relegation

Arsenal's opponents in this round as Aston Villa, the team is struggling with relegation battle. The recent efforts of teachers and help them cling Dean Smith hopes to stay in the highest league of England. The two most recent rounds, they earn 4 points for raising achievement to figure 31.

However, they still lag behind the 17th ranked team Watford to 3 points, or a win. In that wall, Aston Villa will be dramatic battle and Villa Park will be the fulcrum for teachers and students of Dean Smith, though the home fans unable to cheer.

Additionally, suffering moderate Arsenal battle with Man City a few days ago to the fitness of the "Gunners" easy matter. It is a weakness that can be exploited Aston Villa. The problem is they can exploit that?

Predict the score: Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal


Aston Villa: Reina, Targett, Mings, Konssa, Mohamady, Hourihane, Luiz, McGinn, Grealish, Davis, Trezeguet

Arsenal: Martinez, Sokratis, Holding, Kolasinac, Soares, Xhaka, Ceballos, Tierney, Nelson, Lacazette, Saka