Long-term gamble

La Liga is going to have a change of power. Barcelona amid crisis Lionel Messi could leave the club in the summer will be in 2021 and this team will have a new president. Meanwhile Atletico Madrid have had several years to transfer inefficiencies and the first time the power of the coach Diego Simeone to be questioned.

Future Messi Barca, Real welcomed
La Liga champions Real with a combined team young and old very successful (Image Source: Internet)

La Liga champions Real with a combined team young and old very successful

Meanwhile Real Madrid La Liga champions last title Monday Partially coach Zinedine Zidane won the Royal team. He's got a strong squad and not only that, is about to have a Next Generation. La Liga is likely to become the "playground" of the Real in the coming years.

It is thanks to the fruits of the policy change by Real Madrid, passed the "Los Galacticos". Summer 2019 is the season to buy a series Real nearest star, but the previous year they buy such nearest summer 2014. What has happened with the development policy of the Real?

They are quietly but very clear given the young stars in the squad 1 after a process of collecting, training them and giving other clubs on loan to gain experience. If you look at the squad of Real existing one, some small not have time for "top condition" in other clubs before the Bernabeu soccer ranks.

Future Messi Barca, Real welcomed
"Japanese Messi" Kubo data will become a top star in Real? (Image Source: Internet)

"Japanese Messi" Kubo data will become a top star in Real?

Federico Valverde, Casemiro, Marco Asensio have to go that route. Dani Carvajal, Lucas Vasquez & Álvaro Morata is sold, but with terms that later acquired the Real enabled and all three of them were more or less contributed to the Real won the championship. Martin Ødegaard, Andriy Lunin and Borja Mayoral back but Real fans will continue to watch over the development of the Takefusa Kubo, Brahim Diaz, Reinier.

As for the players not cling to Real, then at least they earned a place in the clubs and help Real grossed transfer fee. Mateo Kovacic, Morata, Marcos Llorente & Achraf Hakimi brought about if the clause decent and Alvaro Odriozola, Sergio Ceballos Dani Reguilon or not remain there will also be other clubs buy them.

This also led Real to build good relations with the club purchase another, even Atletico Madrid is happy doing business with their neighbors. Zinedine Zidane having a coach on the bench also helped the team players is to play regular first and placements rotation. It seems that Real Madrid is the club's resale value a young player is always higher than the other team and Chelsea are only nearing the possibility of European football giants.

Who has awoken

The fact is that Real Madrid have always appreciated the development of young talent, they combine training both local players and find the "gem" from elsewhere in the world. But one decade they basically over, picked up the young stars under 20 years old to train and not be afraid to apprentice players at other clubs. Even at the peak of the generation "La Masia" in Barcelona, ​​Real still have some of the academy students this club played in the professional leagues than Barca.

Future Messi Barca, Real welcomed
Clubs like PSG emerged that Real realize they will not maintain market dominance players (Image Source: Internet)

Clubs like PSG emerged that Real realize they will not maintain market dominance players

One important reason for this strategy is that Real had seen from the early rise of the forces as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, the team financially too rich and take advantage of that to overwhelming market football player. Real wealth but remains a fan club owner should not be able to compete, not to mention the risk posed UEFA Financial institutions have been predicted from the beginning of the last decade.

Thus a gamble longer than the best and Real have accepted to follow a long-winded way, which is typical of Martin Ødegaard case. 5 star Norway joined Real last year when still very young and he was capped three different clubs, with the peak of the last season for Real Sociedad.

Martin Ødegaard take the path that Carvajal, Casemiro, Vasquez, Asensio, Valverde and Lunin has come oriented Real

Real ODEGAARD ​​hour back only at 21 and promises to be adjacent to the seniors as Kroos, Modric and Isco, not to mention his ability to also entice fellow Erling Haaland to Real with me. Similarly, the coming years will not know about Kubo became a top star, and Oscar Rodriguez buyout but whether Sevilla will always return to the Bernabeu door as he is now the Spanish national team.

Real are doing firmly and so they can pass the monsoon waves Covid-19 and do not worry if parting Eden Hazard Gareth Bale or performance deterioration. If Barca do not turn positive when his departure was Atletico Messi continued inefficiencies in procurement, Real promises a "golden generation" dominated La Liga the coming years.