Confrontation between France and Croatia really is the game worth waiting for both professional and the fate of the two teams. France beat Croatia in Russia 2 years to the championship World Cup 2018. It is also a painful defeat but by Ivan Perisic and his teammates can hardly forget.

France play Croatia recreate the 2018 World Cup final, Ronaldo back at the Nations League
France is about to be reunited Croatia at UEFA Nations League (Image Source: Internet)

France is about to be reunited Croatia at UEFA Nations League

2 years after the world's top trophy, France Tel has made in terms of personnel shuffling in the rejuvenation of coach Didier Deschamps squad. However, this team is still there names Croatian fans caused enough concern as Kante, Griezmann or Giroud.

Entering the 2nd legged UEFA Nations League, France will not be able to obtain the services of key striker Mbappe Kylian. PSG striker was infected Covid-19 and were excluded from the team's concentration camps. This is extremely regrettable absence when Mbappe main author only goal in the victory of the France squad at least before Sweden a few days ago.

2 top stars of mutually absent for different reasons

Before Mbappe, the other pillars of them is Paul Pogba should also soon left the France squad for the same reason. Clearly, there is a significant loss in the UEFA Nations League campaign of "The Gallic-speakers". 90 minutes before the Swedish hard exposing many problems of the France squad at the moment.

Tactical scheme of coach Deschamps still do not have the necessary smooth after 10 months unfocused. Both flexibility and cohesion, the 2018 World Cup champions are still far from their true level. This is certainly a problem that position in 52-year strategy to find the answer soon.

Training like France, Croatia ceased to be yourself than 2 years. Next Generation of this team is not capable and qualified to fill the position of the pillars as Modric or Rakitic. Balkan team has lost to Portugal 1-4 in the dark match where coach Zlatko Dalic extremely angry about superficial attitudes play the game.

Of course, in a campaign as UEFA Nations League, will not be enough time to Croatia cheer up the spirit of his players. However, the return of the duo's midfield pillars and Ivan Perisic Marcelo Brozovic will add significantly to the play of this team.

Therefore, even more undervalued, Croatia still completely confident enough to make it difficult for hosts France. Conversely, if you get all 3 points before Croatia, France can rest assured wait until the wars Portugal on May 10. Thus, the winner will be the first task that teachers and students in the match towards Deschamps this.

Predict the score: France 1-0 Croatia