After the 2014 World Cup ended, from the successes and "Cyclone orange", Louis Van Gaal has agreed to lead Manchester United. During the period in power, the military situation 68 were reunited chance talented schoolboy Robin Van Persie. However, this is the time of the former Arsenal star disappointing and showed signs of losing its high age. And yet, the striker born in 1983 regular face injuries.

Former United boss Van Gaal Van Persie each pet slap games in the World Cup because of this
Coach Van Gaal with Rooney and Van Persie (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Van Gaal with Rooney and Van Persie

In a time share near post, when asked about memorable thing with 3 master Louis van Gaal (Holland, MU), Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) and Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United), Van Persie has revealed commemorative difficult forget the "steel Tulip" at the 2014 World Cup.

Specifically, in the quarter-final with Costa Rica, as the match entered extra time, coach Van Gaal has asked Van Persie came off the bench for the player shows signs of injury. Yet, despite his master in the street cheered Piston, former Netherlands striker has refused to leave the field.

"When the 120-minute match ended, we were on the edge, coach Van Gaal suddenly approached and slapped me one hurt. He was very angry when almost the same: 'Do not ever do that to me again.'

This sudden action of him made me really surprised. Before leaving, coach Van Gaal emphasized: 'Just stay on the field and remember the successful implementation of that penalty.' ''

In the aforementioned match between the Netherlands and Costa Rica, after two 0-0 teams, the Netherlands won 4-3 in the shootout. Notably, Van Persie was pioneered successfully implemented the first 11m results.

Back with coach Van Gaal, after a mere two years with "Reds", the former strategist Netherlands was fired because he could not put the red half of Manchester to attend the Champions League season 2016/17.

Meanwhile, Van Persie new retirement in 2019, who left-footed each have 11 years of war in the Premiership for Arsenal and Manchester United (from 2004 to 2015), before ending his career in Fenerbahce two team shirt colors and Feyenoord (2015 to 2019).

Answer of the best coaches in career worked with Van Persie added. "I am Sir Alex Ferguson rated more highly. He's a genius coach. Meanwhile, Wenger is probably a combination of manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Van Gaal.

He always insisted on the positive things and work for long-term goals. Tactically, the coach Van Gaal excelled. Nobody can deny that. " Van Persie concluded.