Recently, people have been recruited Bruno Fernandes from 8 years ago for the club Novara voiced share about his former student. Accordingly, in an exclusive interview with Football Italia, Mr. Mauro Borghetti, who has assumed the role of scouts in Novara in 2012 revealed that itself actually overlooks Pigments stars in humans Bruno Fernandes .

Former teacher Bruno Fernandes revealed only one weakness, MU have to worry?
Bruno Fernandes in Novara coat color (Image Source: Internet)

Bruno Fernandes in Novara shirt color

Mr Borghetti confirmed the vision and personality of Fernandes persuaded him to accept about 40,000 euro fee from Club Portugal, Boavista to bring this young midfielder played for Novara. "We've watched quite carefully Fernandes, I head scouts work and came to watch the U19 team playing regularly Boavista. Bruno Fernandes is the name that we are very impressed" - Borghetti told Football Italia.

"He has age appropriate and reasonable expenses for development potential, even if the fees exceed the ability of us a little bit, about 40,000 euros. It would not be hard if you know the future of a house stars but at that time, Fernandes completely anonymous. the signing of the contract with him really is an important investment of the team. it is I have to take responsibility for this "- the former scouts Novara share.

Former teacher Bruno Fernandes revealed only one weakness, MU have to worry?
Fernandes shine in Italy (Image Source: Internet)

Fernandes shines in Italy

With his talent, Bruno Fernandes quickly became the most successful signings of Novara moving to Udinese just one year later with the price up to 5 million euros. Mr Borghetti said Fernandes private nature of such a glowing always lighthouse. However, experts also confirmed that the only weakness of the Portuguese star's fitness.

"He did not do great things in every game because physically limited but he is a player always shown determination and thinking great. Above all, Fernandes had a good personality, which is a distinction between him and the other stars. we are the club only wanted to sign a contract with him at that time and it is great that he immediately accepted the proposal of our " - Mr Borghetti recalled.

Amazing journey to stardom Bruno Fernandes

"Bruno Fernandes always work hard and try to learn Italian as quickly as possible. He integrated very fast with exercise and immediately be welcomed because it can create a good relationship with the team around . Fernandes is an emotional person. These negative stories and fame can not change human nature he "- men contributed to Bruno Fernandes to light conclusions.

Concerns over the fitness of Bruno Fernandes is also something that coach Solskjaer has views from last season. However, with important roles in the play of Manchester United, the Portuguese star will be very difficult to get a break, when the season entering the crucial stage.