Javier Hernandez, also known by the name Chicharito was part of the success of MU 2010-2015. Mexican striker no advantage in terms of fitness but possesses the speed and the ability to choose good pole position. Chicharito has a total of 59 goals in 157 appearances for the "Red Devils Manchester".

Former Manchester United star miss shocking in America: Being fans hissing, recommend early retirement
Chicharito play for the LA Galaxy are in the United States (Image Source: Internet)

Chicharito play for the LA Galaxy are in the US

After wandering in Spain, Germany, England, the striker returned to America to play for Los Angeles Galaxy (LA Galaxy) in the MLS (MLS). Many expect Chicharito will fill the gaps left by Zlatan Ibrahimovic is leaving with his class. However, things are not smooth so.

Mexican forward has only one goal since the jacket and the latest Galaxy, Chicharito has missed shocking blow to many fans. Situations occur in 84 minutes of the confrontation between the LA Galaxy and Vancouver Whitecaps.

LA Galaxy organize counterattack and Christian cross Pavon had mixed well to create conditions for Javier Hernandez came off the crossbar. However, the next phase of the Mexican striker ball extremely bad and put up at the sky in regret of many people by the score while still 0-0.

Review this shadow phase, easily recognized as Chicharito has made efforts to storm through his best but still lacks about half a foot to the next phase and the ball. The player's physique also has the "squirms" than before, the speed reduction is also understandable.

Chicharito fans should recommend early retirement hooked incredible miss

Chicharito came off just 50 minutes into the game, this shows that the fitness of players was 32 years no longer be the same. So fed up with the missed shot by Chicharito, many fans criticized the LA Galaxy striker wore the number 14 mercilessly. "Remember everyone has expected him how in a year ago. This guy can do nothing since coming here."

"A boy from the reserves into the field after 85 minutes encounter a similar situation but a goal to bring victory for the home team." This refers Koreniuk supporters, who scored the only goal of the match.

"Sorry, but he's done so already. He had an illustrious career and it is time to say goodbye and retirement do."