World media is an opportunity to "eat Messi, sleep Messi" in the last days of August, beginning of September last, when Messi claimed to want to leave Barcelona because of disagreements difficult to reconcile with the elite of the club, but the end accepted sticking together for 1 year with the Camp Nou side.

Former Barca fear Messi as
Messi and Zubizarreta as a frontline general (Image Source: Internet)

Messi and general Zubizarreta while frontline

In discussions recently with former coach Del Bosque, Zubizarreta agrees about the heat of the incident: "In football there are the stars also reached on the framework of a great player and Messi is the one who so. He suction fans to golf. He brings inspiration for the whole team as well as fans on the sidelines.

Overall, the team has raised Lionel on his small shoulders team by scoring ability supernatural and super-intelligent passes. Thus, it's future at Barca course he must get lots of special attention. "

Besides, Zubizarreta said that if Messi is gone, it will greatly affect La Liga: "It will be a loss not measurable. Even, could see it as a disaster for La Liga. We have witnessed extraordinary talent of Lionel for years, since he was a youth until now.

He has brought too many emotions for those who love football. Therefore, I can confirm that if Messi left, Barca lose a football lover, the Spanish lost ten ".

With Barca had sacked coach Quique Setien and replaced by Ronald Koeman, Zubizarreta recalled an incident between coach Tata Martino with Messi: "I have been told that, when Tata Martino also led Barca, he used to shout at Lionel: 'I know can only a phone call to the president of him was enough to get me kicked out into the street. But please do not get all the time you have to prove to me that the value of the self so. I knew it from before accepting led Barca then '.

Besides, Zubizarreta insisted Barca "have to bear part of the responsibility" before the problems of Messi resulting explosion shot a recent emotionally. Also, former Barca ECE pointed out the biggest problem is Messi, "he always had to fight with myself to lift yourself up to new heights. That sometimes makes Lionel tired ".

Zubizarreta been appointed to the position of Barca ECE in 2011 but was sacked in January 1/2015. During your time at Zubizarreta, Barca were caught in scandals no less injured. Typically for Neymar and recruiting scandal brought youngsters illegally on La Masia youth academy.