Monchengladbach goalkeeper confidently won Ramos if a penalty

Yann Sommer, goalkeeper of Monchengladbach and was 2 times blocking Sergio Ramos's penalty spoke before the match: "I won't be too worried if Real Madrid receives a penalty and Sergio Ramos is the one who done it . He is a great player and their leader, but we will focus and promote ourselves ".

"Ramos was very good, but I practiced and studied a lot to stop his shots. Not only Ramos, Real Madrid also has other great players and we have prepared Phuong Phuong Project for each of their players. We want to win and continue "- Sommer confidently concluded.

Real Madrid set the goal of winning 3 points to continue

Real Madrid's ability or type will be decided after 90 minutes at the reception of the German team, Monchengladbach. The closest failure to Shakhtar Donetsk pushed the teacher of Coach Zinedine Zidane into the survival situation before entering the last round of the table.

Football Real Madrid - Monchengladbach: Benzema almost has a hat-trick (run out of time)
Real Madrid is in a vital situation in the Champions League this season (Photo source: Internet)

Real Madrid is in the Champions League survival situation this season

Now Real needs to show the bravery and experience of a former King Champions League. Over the weekend, the Spanish Royal team had an impressive momentum for this match with a minimal victory on Sevilla's courtyard. Therefore, Real Madrid promises to enter a huge excitement and determination.

On the opposite side, Monchengladbach despite taking the top of the table but their chance to continue too big.

Just a spanish shrunk, every effort of teachers Marco Rose will "fall into the river into the sea". Therefore, the German representative understands that this will also be a vital confrontation with them, in the context of having a guest in front of the opponent to be higher than the name and influence in Europe.

Real Madrid needed 3 points to decide on his fate and would not be surprised when La Liga champions chose to play the power attack in the upcoming strength.