Van de Beek MU buy for fans

Van de Beek Donny is the first rookie of the summer fair in 2020. MU However, Arsenal's former players - Paul Merson said that "Reds" Van de Beek recruited to please fans rather than professional. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Paul Merson said the Dutch midfielder would have difficulty in combining with Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba in midfield of Manchester United.

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Van de Beek MU purchased only in order to please the fans? (Image Source: Internet)

Van de Beek MU purchased only in order to please the fans?

Ibrahimovic stars young supporters 'revolt'

The young star of Juventus Dejan Kulusevski shocked when questioned why he did not get the main stone in Sweden recruited when they welcome France in their opening game at the table plays A3 Nations League 2020/21. Zlatan Ibrahimovic legend has voiced support Kulusevski and that Sweden is deteriorating because of the talent really is not important advantage.

Adama Traore leaving Tel Spain

Whether antibodies against viruses Covid-19, but Adama Traore still have to leave the national team Spain to avoid risks. Under the provisions of UEFA, the players should not be to the pitch without the negative test results completely.

Serie A may open the field in October

According to Corriere della Sera, Italy's government will prohibit fans to the stadium in Serie A at least until December 10. Currently, Italy has planned to reopen schools, and they fear the health system will too load if translated Covid-19 flare again.

Kovac coach Covid-positive for 19

L'Equipe reported by their, Monaco has recorded 2 cases positive for Covid-19, including coach Niko Kovac. Croats new military rulers led Monaco accepted from July, after a period of sitting idle because Bayern fired.