Ligue 1 losses of nearly 250 million euros. With the Ligue 1 have to stop the season and announced the champion and the capacity for European, they must accept the economic damage when parties hold television rights is Bein Sports and Canal refused to pay part royalty broadcast of the season. L'Equipe newspaper amount reported to be around 243 million euros.

Football Hot Tin am 1/5: Ligue 1 loss ended a severe cash prize
PSG Ligue 1 finish and both the coronation but lost 243 million euros (Image Source: Internet)

PSG Ligue 1 finish and crowned but both lost 243 million euros prize

Liverpool criticized the mayor's spokesman. After Joe Anderson mayor said he feared a championship Premier League for Liverpool will lead to crowded scene led to the spread of disease, recently Liverpool issued a statement criticizing this statement. "Not the lack of evidence to prove his argument, we should point out that we have discussed with the mayor about the safety measures in order to play the game, not the audience and called on supporters to respect spacing society ", the communiqué reads.

Chelsea prepare focus back. According to the Telegraph, Chelsea have notified all their players know the next training session was arranged to prepare ice team to the Premier League, is expected in more than 1 week. Currently the players are outside of the UK have been informed to soon fly.

Harry Kane has recovered from injury. Coach Jose Mourinho himself said Harry Kane has now recovered from injury and will be ready ligaments playing for Tottenham when returned to the Premier League season continued. Kane was sore after the game against Southampton New Year's Day and will have surgery sidelined since then.

Courtois was coach Martinez commended. After initial struggles, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has been in top form in the color coat and recent Real Madrid coach Roberto Martinez Belgium Tel expressed pride in his protégé. "Courtois showed the maturity and self-criticism to improve. He now is a indispensable for Real Madrid and I think in modern football like no other goalkeeper Thibaut, "he commented.