Tottenham Great Arsenal and Liverpool So Ke Wolves are late couples of the 11th Premier League. More notably, when these two teams are leading the tournament with an extremely convincing form.

Tottenham (white shirt in the middle) excellently holds the first place after 11

At home, Tottenham excellently defeated Arsenal 2-0 in the North London derby uneducated. Meanwhile, Liverpool crushed Wolves 4-0 in Anfield. Also in Sunday night, December 6, Leicester excelledly crossed Sheffield United's landlord with Jamie Vardy's 90th minute goal.

Thus, the big team of the Premier League underwent a successful round. Plus the results of Saturdays, giants like MU, Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool and Leicester all won 3 points.

With this result, the 82020/21 Premier League rankings after the 11th round did not have many unexpected things. Tottenham and Liverpool are still treated in the highest positions with the same 24 points, in which the team of coach Jose Mourinho ranked on the defending champion thanks to better numbers.

Chelsea continued to rank third with 22 points, and Leicester crucified in the last position in the top 4 with just less than 1 point. The two teams of Manchester City are MU and Man City in turn standing in the next position. "Reds" have 19 points, while "noisy neighbor" is less than them. However, both of these teams play less than 1 match, due to the break in the first round.

Thus, if MU won Burnley in the compensated stone match, they can replace Leicester to interrupt the top 4 Premier League and then only Chelsea Number (current Chelsea +14, with MU is +2 ). Similarly to Man City's story. If you win Aston Villa in the compensated stone match, the army of coach Pep Guardiola will immediately push Leicester to Friday, and I stood at No. 5.

Flaming the Premier League rankings: What are the big giants, how much MU ranked?
MU (left) Excellent Backflow on West Ham (Photo: Internet)

MU (left) Excellent Backflow on West Ham

Although it is not possible to enter the top 4, this is still considered a great success of MU. Just looking at the crisis that this team has experienced at the previous stage, the current position is very remarkable. Before entering this round, "Red Devils" are ranked ninth. Thus, the teacher of Coach Solskjaer had a breakout of 4 steps to close to the Top 4 group, though still playing less.

The 12th round of the Premier League came here, Manchester would be the focal point. Because Mu and Man City entered the Derby Manchester unedity in Old Trafford. This match takes place at 0:30 on December 13. Completely likely this match will have audiences in the field to monitor, based on success from Tottenham or Liverpool matches ...

Top 10 Premier League rankings after round 11:

Flaming the Premier League rankings: What are the big giants, how much MU ranked?
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