After the interruption period because the national team concentration, the matches of the Champions League round frame are about to return. This is a hinged round, and many tickets into the knock-out loop will be determined.

Flaming 5 cups C1 C1: Muu PSG dreams of early tickets, Real Madrid Islamic stone
MU (black and white striped shirt) and PSG rematched in Old Trafford (Photo source: Internet)

MU (black and white striped shirt) and PSG re-matched in Old Trafford

The focal point of this 5th series is of course the battle between MU and PSG, taking place at 3:00 on 3/12 (Hanoi time). Located in the H El Tu Table, this match is extremely important to the race to continue.

MU has many advantages, when they only need 1 result to be assured of a ticket to continue, despite the results in the last leg. Meanwhile, PSG must win to raise hope. But winning 1 point in Old Trafford is not sure that the mission is easy for "red demons", when they have lost to the PSG itself in the first round of Champions League Knock-out 2018/19.

Other large teams are expected to have a difficult round. Real Madrid operates to Shakhtar Donetsk's yard. Remember, Shakhtar defeated the army of coach Zidane 3-2 right in Madrid, opening a difficult stage for "white vultures". If you lose this match, Real will lose the second place to the Ukrainian team, and the risk of being eliminated from the table stage is very high.

Flaming 5 cups C1 C1: Muu PSG dreams of early tickets, Real Madrid Islamic stone
Real Route Shakhtar with the goal of winning (Photo source: Internet)

Real re-match Shakhtar with the goal of winning

The remaining matches of Table B are also worth watching. Inter Milan is in the wall of the wall when there are only 2 points. If they fail to win Monchengladbach, Romelu Lukaku's team, Lautaro Martinez and Alexis Sanchez once discussed the Champions League right from the table.

Meanwhile, Liverpool followed Ajax Amsterdam at home with a target nothing other than 3 points. In the first leg, "Red Brigade" suddenly lost to Atalanta, and now the distance between the Champions League Champions 2018/19 with Ajax and Atalanta only 2 points. Therefore, another leg will make them difficult at the end of the last leg.

This hit, Chelsea Great War with Sevilla in the match Meaning Meaning to decide to the top of the E. Both teams with 10 points, have certainly have tickets and 0-0 in the first leg. Sevilla has a good preparation for this match while there are a series of 5 matches.

Therefore, the spanish land trip in this round is determined to reach the top spot. Any team that will win will have the first end of a round. Similarly to the properties of Porto - Man City in Table C. However, "green man" is easier when just a draw is assured of the leading position before entering the knock-out round.

Another great battle is also interested, it's Atletico Madrid - Bayern Munich in the table A. Turn, "Lobster gray" of the 4-0 win. In the return turn, La Liga's representative would love to avenge. Atletico currently has 5 points, Lokomotiv Moscow 3 points and RB Salzburg 1 point. If it loses Bayern, it is likely that Atletico will lose his second position and then, the last round will become extremely uncertain with the army of coach Simeone.

Specific fixed schedules will have changes.