MU contingency plans

No doubt, Jadon Sancho is an important goal of the MU in this 2020 summer fair. Only thing, the ability to realize the ambitions of the "Reds" left open, when Sancho is the name "hot" financial MU also not really sure.

MU closed Bernardeschi as contingency plans for Sancho (Image Source: Internet)

MU closed Bernardeschi as contingency plans for Sancho

Covid-19 post-pandemic, Sancho not reduced prices. As predicted by sports writer Martin Samuel term resistance on the Daily Mail, to have the services of Jadon Sancho, MU must spend the amount of not less than 100 million pounds.

This is not easy to overcome barriers to the Old Trafford forced up the contingency plans. Still according to this source, vice chairman Ed Woodward as well as transfer of MU department is targeting Federico Bernardeschi do plan B if the deal failed in Sancho.

Meanwhile, Tutto Sport newspaper good news for the team of England, where the Juventus ready to go in the summer Bernardeschi 2020. Accordingly, the midfielder is not in the plans of coach Maurizio Sarri use.

In Serie A this season, new Bernardeschi 18 appearances, including nine times coming off the bench. So, Juventus promises to Bernardeschi gone approval if the proposal received about 30 million pounds - a figure just under 1/3 of the amount that can be spent MU to Sancho.

Bernardeschi been recruited from Fiorentina Juventus in the summer of 2017 at a price of 40 million euros (35.6 million pounds). From day to Turin, 26-year-old midfielder is not shown, as much as expected. Under coach Sarri, Bernardeschi fewer opportunities to play. He still has a 2 year contract with the "Old Lady" of Turin.

Ambitious during move

Federico Bernardeschi themselves understand that his time at Allianz are closed. Coach Max Alleri predecessor priority use as satellites support Bernardeschi superstar Ronaldo, even willing to deceive Dybala on the bench.

Bernardeschi is "to provide" Ronaldo at Juventus (Image Source: Internet)

Bernardeschi is "to provide" Ronaldo at Juventus

Evidence is wonderful Bernardeschi played in the match 1/8 the Champions League second leg against Atletico Madrid 2018/19. He was not only the tectonic to Ronaldo opened the scoring, but also brought about a penalty after 84 minutes, and thus, CR7 completed hat-trick on penalties, helped Juventus peak upstream.

However, under coach Sarri, of Bernardeschi chance to play in the Turin club shirt colors shrinking by competition from or Rabiot Ramsey in midfield. Meanwhile, the other positions in the presence of the names were confirmed as Dybala class, Douglas Costa, even Cuadrado.

That also explains why the plight of Bernardeschi now is like "heir" in which the teacher 4-3-3 Maurizio Sarri has operated for Juventus in the last time. Suffice see off Juventus ability Bernardeschi summer this year entirely likely occur.

At age 26, Federico Bernardeschi step into maturity in his career. He has talent, just not enough "names" among the world-class superstars Juventus. Bernardeschi itself is very desire to play regular football, because he needs to prove his talent for Italian capacity to recruit finalists summer Euro 2021.

Italy Tel coach - Roberto Mancini had suggested he should leave Juventus Bernardeschi, to a team he has a market. So, quite capable of leaving Juventus Bernardeschi joined United - a big enough team and charisma to convince Mancini for his capacity to recruit Italy as Conte did at Euro 2016.