Chair coach Setien has shaken violently at three draw against Sevilla, Celta Vigo and Atletico, making Barcelona is Real Madrid top La Liga usurper. These disappointing results last time that Barça gradually become lost in the final stages of the season.

Messi unhappy with coach Quique Setien and assistant team (Image Source: Internet)

Messi unhappy with coach Quique Setien and a team of assistants

And it ignited mass conflict between the stars of the team with coach Quique Setien, already smoldering long. According to Marca, Barcelona's dressing room are serious divisions. Coach Quique Setien and his colleagues no longer in control of stars like Messi or Suarez due to disagreements on tactics.

In late June and early July, the assistant coach Setien Eder Sarabia has two debates with the pillars in the locker room after Celta Vigo draw, and on the training ground the next day morning. That time, president Bartomeu had to pull garage including CEO Oscar Grau, ECE Eric Abidal and Javier Bordas Team Manager to take home to Captain crunched Setien 61 strategists.

However, despite a disadvantage in the race in La Liga and contradictory to the locker room, coach Quique Setien will continue to lead Barca next season. Personally President Jose Maria Bartomeu confirmed this information, and this is seen as the full weight of the message that the head of the Nou Camp sent a team of stars of the team.

As revealed by radio RAC1, Bartomeu has expressed support for former coach Betis visit was unscheduled. And recently, a new person president Bartomeu this publicly with the media.

Interview with RAC1 radio key, Bartomeu claimed: "Setien will definitely stay. Currently, I am very satisfied with the start of the team and we can see the positive effects in several battles Setien created recently. Even without La Liga champions, we still have the Champions League ".

Barca president insists he does not regret deciding to coach Ernesto Valverde fired because "we need a boost and Setien has brought new ideas and new inspiration."

Thus, the parish leadership team Catalunya sent a message can not be clearer. They decided Setien sided in the conflict between the coaching staff with the star players in the locker room.

President Bartomeu uncompromising Barca star Messi and (Image Source: Internet)

President Bartomeu uncompromising Barca star Messi and

Generally speaking, from now until the election of the new President took place in the summer Barca in 2021, coach Setien was safe in the arms of President Bartomeu. He will be in office even Barca have failed in the race in La Liga. Of course if the team is playing worse than allowed, then coach Francisco Garcia Pimienta Barca B can be facilitated.

Immediately after President Bartomeu stands out "security guards", coach Quique Setien has said harshly targeted at the media, which he called "a circus". It is understood that the coach Setien and his team ready to counterattack, whether media or group of "black power" dressing room.

Coach Quique Setien boldly declared: "We beat Villarreal was not for bad luck, and thanks to a simple tactical adjustments. Behind the victory was a lot of things, while he only evaluate the team through wins and loses. " Coach Setien also outspoken journalists "know only look at the results and ruled a coach should go or stay."