Identifying the 10th Premier Round 10

Never match Chelsea - Tottenham is waiting as the encounter of the 10th Premier League. In addition to the hostility inherently among representatives with London City, the appearance of a series of excellent attack stars, the screening of Jose Mourinho and Frank Lampard is more concerned.

Fire Mourinho Battle Lampard, Tottenham wants to defeat Chelsea to hold the first place
Mourinho Lampard ranking in the 10th round of English (source: Internet)

Mourinho watches Lampard in the 10th Premier League

In both time Lampard led Derby County, Mourinho at MU, the two met four times, in which Lampard won 3 matches, including 2 matches 2019/20 season (2-0, 2-1 ). The only failure of the 42-year-old strategist before his old teacher took place in the League Cup round in September, where Tottenham defeated Chelsea 5-4 on the shootout.

Of course, the collectives Mourinho led the moment to face less unstable. Currently, Tottenham under the hands of the "special person" is the team who possesses the most impressive appearance of the British Premier League, experiencing 8 unbeaten matches (6 victories) and at the top of the table (20 points / 9 matches).

The opposite side, Lampard increasingly helps Chelsea complete, especially in defense. "The Blues" have a string of 12 unbeaten matches in every arena (7 in the British Premier League) and only Tottenham 2 points (ranked 3rd). When both Lampard and Mourinho have the best preparation, the Great War on Stamford Bridge will definitely "warm up" his grass field.

Beside Chelsea - Tottenham, the 10th round of the Premier League also has many remarkable matches. The defending champion Liverpool only had to meet Brighton (19:30, November 28) and if he won the entire 3 points, Jurgen Klopp teachers would temporarily rise to the top of the table in the early match.

MU must marry to Southampton's "horse" yard (21h, November 29). Although all of the last 2 rounds (winning Everton 3-1, West Brom 1-0), the Old Trafford team shows the erratic form, so the duty won 3 points in St. Petersburg. Mary is not simple.

Arsenal will spend 90 minutes unexpectedly before Wolverhampton (2h15, November 30), while Man City has the opportunity to improve the 13th position with a weak opponent's encounter Burnley (22h, November 28).

If you want to see slowly in the usual way to enjoy the air match, follow the most carefully tracking situations on the yard, you read only about 3 minutes to fully review the most attractive balls, with rotating phases Slow true to every detail for the peak balls or controversial situations on the field.

Fire Mourinho Battle Lampard, Tottenham wants to defeat Chelsea to hold the first place
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