Home of FIFA has announced the planned schedule of 2022 World Cup held in Qatar. This will be the first World Cup took place in the winter time lasted nearly one month, ending before Christmas vacation started.

FIFA World Cup schedule announced winter 2022: What time frame Stone?
2022 World Cup in Qatar will play in the winter and the first round will play 4 games / day (Image Source: Internet)

2022 World Cup in Qatar will play in the winter and the first round will play 4 games / day

According to FIFA announced, the World Cup will open on 11/21/2022 at 13h local time (17h GMT Vietnam) and with round tables, each day of the tournament will be held at 2 4 games tables. The match will take place at the turn 13h, 16h, 19h and 22h GMT Qatar alone last round of matches of the same table will simultaneously at 18h or 22h kicked in.

18h and 22h will also be taking place now matches in the knockout stages. Three will play a qualification game to date 17/12/2022 Khalifa International Stadium on, and the finals will take place at 18h GMT Qatar (22h GMT Vietnam) Day 18/12 on Lusail Stadium has a capacity of 80,000 seats .

The group stage of the 2022 World Cup takes place in just 12 days, both the stone in 28 days and the team did not have to move much between venues vary, fans can watch the match live at the stadium the maximum 2 matches / day. This is a World Cup is expected to take less than 1 month to finish, different from the previous World Cup.

Time tournament that the host country Qatar and FIFA initiatives will be familiar with the time slot monitored international football fans in Vietnam, when the group match will play at 17h, 20h, 23h and 2h. But the ice in winter also means more capacity to AFF Cup if held in 2022 will be the host to delay routine to attract more spectators watched.