In 30 Premier League, Tottenham have reason to blame god luck, because if MU is not awarded 11m Last Battle, Army Jose Mourinho will have 3 points and glow hope Racing Top 4 when back Covid-19.

Fiery racing Top 4 Premier League: Tottenham 3 points, catch up MU or not?
Tottenham won 3 points (Image Source: Internet)

Tottenham won 3 points

Then, defeat against Sheffield Utd humiliated because of the decision from the referee makes VAR and "rooster" fell to No. 10. They all believed that Tottenham were "out the door" to compete in the Champions League with Chelsea, Manchester United.

Considering the theory, Tottenham still have a chance. To hook hope fragile, teachers Jose Mourinho won excellence defeating Everton 3 full points. This result helped Tottenham took the 8th place in the standings, one point less than Arsenal and four point gap with Wolves.

But further, Tottenham are poorly MU 7 points ranked fourth and Chelsea team to 9 points. If want to pass up, Mourinho's troops can only hope for a miracle, or the madness that happened in the last round Premiership. Also, considering the fact, most likely destination is just the ticket Tottenham Europa League next season only.

With the current happenings, race Top 4 will turn the remaining five rounds of Chelsea, Manchester United and Leicester became final. In the next round, Brendan Rodgers's men will travel to heal much less data to the field of Arsenal - the team is very high style with 4 wins out circuit.

If "soar" defeat, Chelsea and Manchester United can take advantage of this opportunity to pass up and leveling distance. With early ice advantage, entirely Army Lampard the chance to conquer Top 3 if defeated Crystal Palace.

Meanwhile, MU performed admirably capable of destroying huge lowered Bournemouth and get all 3 points. Momentum is expected to flourish, a place in the Top 4 will be difficult to escape from teachers and students Solskjaer though for the season is entering the most intense phase.