Bosnia - Italy: Understanding discretion in the hands (2h45, 19/11)

Group 1 of League A UEFA Nations League 2020/21 has the most attractive movements in the last leg. All three Italian teams, the Netherlands and Poland also won the semi-finals. Currently, Italy is most advantageous when they are leading with 9 points, the Netherlands ranked second with 8 points, and Poland ranked third with 7 points.

Fiery League Nations: Italy, Netherlands, Poland modern warfare semifinal tickets
Italy holds the opportunity to self-determination in the hands (Image Source: Internet)

Italy holds the opportunity to self-determination in hand

At the end of the week, Italy has a trip to Bosnia, the team has finished striving. Mancini's army needs a win to determine his fate itself without the result of the remaining match. The performance of Italian team is very good with a series of 21 unbeaten matches in every arena. The latest defeat of Thien Thanh's army took place more than 2 years ago (Portugal - Italy: 1-0, 11/09/2018).

This success has contributed Mancini. Can say former coach of Manchester City and Inter Milan had a "revolution" in Tel Italy when he focused on youth. Still young, but these players are not inexperienced. They had at least 2 to 3 years of war in Serie A

On the other side, "the front line" in the circumstances Bosnia is opposed to the whole chain 7 draws and lost. They have lost the project Playoffs EURO 2020 and lost both Iran always in a recent friendly match. High performer should not stand tick Bosnia table is understandable.

Fiery League Nations: Italy, Netherlands, Poland modern warfare semifinal tickets
Bosnia (white shirt) is no longer a target at the Nations League (Image Source: Internet)

Bosnia (white shirt) is no longer a target at the Nations League

However, Italy is not allowed subjectively by two draws from Bosnia to Italy and the Netherlands, two opponents stunned. Confrontation stand to Italy with 2 wins and 1 draw while Bosnia won only 1 time in 1999. With the determination of the fate of self-determination, teachers Mancini will get all 3 points in this match.

Predict the score: Bosnia 0-2 Italy

Poland - Netherlands: Just "War mortal" just forward the results (2h45, 19/11)

Finland and the Netherlands are third in the same situation. They must achieve the necessary condition is winning at the end and wait weekly auction conditions Italy lost Bosnia enough to gain the semifinals UEFA Nations League. Neither decide for their fate but to do good prerequisites.

Ironically, these two teams have faced each other in the last turn of the game so it becomes mortal. New Holland's first victory under coach Frank De Boer after three consecutive draws. This is considered a good sign after the horror of the possibility of requesting the Dutch master.

Finland and the Netherlands have three great war of life and death

De Boer is quite frank flexibility to use the player without the services of midfielder two main valves and De Ligt Djik. Besides, new names in attack brought fresh wind to the "whirlwind orange".

Currently, Netherlands Air kicking away all at the Nations League this time. It was a result they do not want towards Poland but not rival pleasant. Lewandowski just before losing to Italy 0-2 in the previous round had to fall into the most difficult circumstances. However, they only correct way the Italian team 2 points, and the difference is just poorly +2 (+1 and +3).

Therefore, "White Eagle" remain next door and stone home is no small advantage. This will be a battle, "the Dragon" and the party will make better use will be the team win.

Predict the score: Poland 1-1 Netherlands