Add one more match, Bruno Fernandes was named "Player of the Match" when MU battle in the Premier League in a 4-1 win over Newcastle. However, the road to the title of this very thorny when Bruno Fernandes sinner role play before turning into the hero of "Reds" as usual.

Fernandes captained Manchester United for the first time: The hero waiting booming down PSG
Bruno Fernandes was voted best player of the game against Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Bruno Fernandes was voted best player of the match with Newcastle

Solskjaer coach decided to focus on the ball for Bruno Fernandes during take Pogba on the bench and let loose ball duo Fred scan - McTominay came. This plan doubly more difficult when rivals Manchester United soon took the lead after the kick of Luke Shaw og immediately in the second minute.

The arrival of Juan Mata helped Bruno Fernandes has added a partner to pass. The duo work together to No. 18 with great finish to hit the net Newcastle. Unfortunately, the goal is not recognized by the Vietnamese Mata previous position.

After this situation, the Portuguese midfielder seems to meet the psychological obstacles. No. 18 MU frequently misdirected pass in this game. Not just down at the cross breakthrough, Bruno Fernandes also broken wing and passed the ball very easily.

How to Bruno's shadow still very "sweet" This shows that players have not seen any physical problems but often pass redundant shots and a few strike force flew up to take the stage. Things worse again with Bruno Fernandes when the midfielder shot but missed a penalty after 55 minutes.

Bruno Fernandes first penalty shot down since jacket MU

Not skipped as usual, the Portuguese midfielder can not fool the Newcastle goalkeeper Darlow. Despite relatively strong shot but the ball should not be blocked insurance is also understandable. Who witnessed the spectacle was well imagine a bleak future for both Bruno Fernandes and MU.

At a time when the most difficult, Bruno Fernandes know how to shine in order to assert his star. The Portuguese midfielder has escaped down phase smart and class finish to make the score 2-1 for MU. Although shot 18 of MU narrow but still decided to put heart into the far corner of the goal high. This shows the confidence of Bruno Fernandes altitude.

This goal is very important to Manchester United by just 4 minutes away from the official start time finish. "Reds" are very close to a draw but Bruno Fernandes refused her results. Not only scored, Bruno Fernandes has added a line is created with a precise pass to Rashford set 4-1.

We can say, Bruno Fernandes escaped crime reputation and into the heroes of MU in minutes late. More importantly, it is not just a lucky moment or is the result of the relentless efforts.

Recently, the eve of the match against PSG in the cup C1, Fernandes was coach Solskjaer handed the captain's armband in place of injured Maguire. That's one deserves recognition for excellent performance of the Portuguese star.

Personality and expertise of Bruno Fernandes perfectly suited to become the first "leading demon". And MU fans are very awaited performances more explosive midfielder's future, but firstly in the game against PSG tonight 2h, 21/10.