Of the 1,008 cases of tests this week, BTC Premier League confirmed more cases positive 4 Covid-19 from 3 clubs.

Fell back Premiership additional 4 cases Covid-19, is on 4/6 stone yet?
Premier League will return in June (Image Source: Internet)

Premier League will return in June

"Premier League can confirm at 25/5 and 26/5 days, 1,008 players and staff of the club has been tested Covid-19. Of these, 4 were determined positive." Adapted the organizing committee reported.

Thus a total of 12 people infected with the virus after undergoing 3 times from more than 2,700 test samples was performed BTC Premier League. Sources said, the players, or members of the newly identified positive for Covid-19 will have to isolate prescribed within 7 days.

Although BTC tournament has given notice to see changes remains complex disease, but sources on the Daily Mail revealed the Premier League is ready to play again in June.

Expected during the meeting held on 28/5, the representative of the club will present proposals for ending the playing time and the end of the 2019/20 season.

Currently, there are alternatives for the remaining 92 matches took place in the shortest time. Even had the votes supported the tournament No. 1 England back on December 4/6, ie exactly 1 week. However, many of the club seem still not ready and just want to restart the season on the day 26/6 instead of 12/6 days according to initial estimates.

But more likely, BTC Premier League will have to consider the time of return based on the broadcast plan as required by the broadcasters. Because as of now, has 340 million pounds hats go, after all the matches and the broadcast program before / after the game was concerned not on schedule.

This time many clubs in England has returned to training. However a very noticeable problem will occur in the near future when the players out of contract and the club will have to submit a new list organizer.

Reportedly, the wars between Tottenham - Manchester United are likely to be selected as the starting match of the day this tournament re-exported.