The Father of Real Madrid captain had shares about renewing his son's contract with Real Madrid. The detailed interview was carried out by the El Chiringuito after the future opening moves of the Future Sergio Ramos in the Spanish Royal team.

Father Ramos spoke up the future of his son, Real Madrid held his breath
Ramos's father believes in his son's ability to stay in Real son (Photo source: Internet)

Ramos's father believed in his son's ability to stay

After becoming the center of attention in the past few weeks, Ramos's future is still quite uncertain when negotiations on the extension of the contract have not reached the general unity. The 34-year-old star is seeking to ensure that the extension will be at least 2 years while Real's policy only allows up to a year for a player over 30 years old.

It is known that with the current contract, Ramos is completely free to negotiate with other teams since January 1, 2021. There have been many suggestions and attention of European "giants" such as PSG or Juventus for this famous midfielder but all still only stop at the qualifications.

Do Real Will "Break Law" for your captain?

However, if Mr. Jose Ramos's sharing words, Sergio Ramos's father was correct, almost certainly the Real captain would continue to stay. After the newspaper of El Chiringuito asked about his son's future, Mr. Jose Ramos had revealed about negotiating the contract renewal.

"An extension contract for Sergio (Ramos)? I'm sure that will happen, no doubt" - Mr. Jose Ramos said. At the end of the career, Sergio Ramos will seek to create the most favorable conditions for British individuals with the upcoming extension contract. In the next few weeks, Ramos's future will likely be clarified when the agreement between him and the Real Homercias comes to an end.