With the victory was predicted before facing opponents under muscle, mu (Norwich won 2-1), Arsenal (Sheffield United won 2-1), Chelsea (Leicester won 1-0) and Manchester City (win Newcastle 2-0) has reached the FA Cup semi-final this season, creating a trophy.

FA Cup semi-final super attractive: Manchester United have great opportunity
Manchester United face Chelsea in this season's FA Cup semi-final (Image Source: Internet)

Manchester United face Chelsea in this season's FA Cup semi-final

Accordingly, the leaf gave MU lucky against Chelsea, which recreated the FA Cup finals 2017/18 season, when it won by "The Blues", with single-phase set on 11m midfielder Eden Hazard, who now has moved to Real Madrid match.

In this year, the Army coach Lampard has respectively overtake Nottingham, Hull City, Liverpool and Leicester to the semifinals. While Manchester United beat Wolverhampton, Tranmere Rovers, Derby County and Norwich City. The remaining couples will be a contest between Arsenal and Man City.

Recent history of the FA Cup continuously witnessing the names of four teams to the semifinals this season "storm". Man City are the champions of the tournament, Chelsea and Manchester United each met in the FA Cup Final 2017/18 season, Chelsea and Arsenal also encountered each other in the FA Cup final 2016/17 season, Manchester United are champions season 2015/16, Arsenal crowned second consecutive season 2013/14 and 2014/15 is.

Among these 4 teams, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United are three names most successful in the history of the FA Cup. In particular, Arsenal holds the record with 13-time champion, Manchester United and Chelsea crowned 12 times 8 times.

The two semifinals will take place on the 18th and not 19/7 Wembley crowd. Finals to be held on 1/8 of this well on the field.

The recent season, playing the FA Cup was the big pay more attention he always fielded by the team consisting of many first team players, instead of using the youngsters. This helped the professional quality of the tournament raised substantially. Typically in this season up to 4 "big" presence of English football in the semifinal.