Cristiano Ronaldo is not only famous by career peak, but also owns a small family full of dreams. Currently, players nicknamed CR7 4 kids are adorable and lovable spleen, especially larger the angels announced as apparent similarities.

Extremely difficult thing to explain: Why Ronaldo like hiring surrogacy?
Ronaldo small family (Image Source: Internet)

Small family of Ronaldo

But among the children of the Portuguese superstar, only the youngest princess Alana identity Martina is most clearly when his mother was Georgina Rodriguez.

Rest include "firstborn" Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. and twins Eva and Mateo, all of them do not know their mother was. Cause by Ronaldo has hired people to their birth not once but twice.

For the first time in 2010, a few days after the Portugal stop at the World Cup, Ronaldo announced on the official father when the boy Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was born by surrogacy method. The second time came in 2017 after the twins welcome Ronaldo before attending the Confederations Cup.

There are many theories about journalism given the mother of these children. But still do not have any evidence convincing enough about who gave birth to Ronaldo. So let's shelve this story aside to find out why CR7 just like hiring surrogacy without choose to procreate the traditional way?

Cristiano Ronaldo is inherently a perfectly healthy person, even physically better than ordinary people. This notice through he regularly scored for Juventus, now aged 35.

If Ronaldo wants to, he can choose from dozens of beautiful glossy pink mother of his children. But not, according to many experts have long suspected, the reason the former Real Madrid star is due to choose surrogacy related to money and children.

Specifically Ronaldo did not want to dispute custody or property division to object publicly to give birth to him after the crash. So, he would rather lose a large amount of people giving birth to their lease to avoid trouble later.

Or as another way of thinking, simply like to follow trends Ronaldo is popular among wealthy. So he was not in Portugal that to the US, where surrogacy service is done very professionally and backed by law.

Even rumored that CR7 wants to gain full parenting through sharing of parenting eldest son. "I think my son has a father is enough. When Cristiano mature I'll tell him what I did and what I was feeling. "

Extremely difficult thing to explain: Why Ronaldo like hiring surrogacy?
American twins Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

American twins Ronaldo

But no matter how hard, Ronaldo still have to prove he is the man of the family and do not forget to spend your spare time playing with the children. This makes the family of Ronaldo always filled with happiness and laughter. With a wonderful family like, super star 5 times won the Ballon d'Or always has a firm support to complete work on their career path.