One of the most notable match in round 32 Premier League is the confrontation between Sheffield United and Tottenham. The teams are in the team competition a place in the Top 4, so this can be considered a match 6 points. The result is that teachers and students Mourinho left empty-handed after conceding three times while only scored 1 goal.

Extreme hot Top 4 Premier League: Tottenham
Tottenham lost to Sheffield United and the door to his own Top 4 ever more narrow (Image Source: Internet)

Tottenham lost to Sheffield United and the door to his own narrow Top 4 ever

This defeat makes the "rooster" is still only 45 points after 32 rounds and dropped to 9th place in the standings. Currently, Burnley were equal on points with Tottenham but less effective when the team ranked 11th in the Everton also had 44 points.

Looking upward, the Arsenal and Sheffield United are respectively ranked 8th and 7 and just over Tottenham respectively 1 and 2 points. Ie Tottenham are still opportunities ahead if you win the next round while the teams ranked above can not win. However, the decision was no longer in the hands of teachers and Mourinho.

Meanwhile, the race in the Top 4 Tottenham almost ended. Currently, they are inferior team ranked No. 4 to 9 points in the tournament is that only 6 rounds before. Theoretically, Mourinho with the students still have a chance, but the fact is almost 0 chance.

Extreme hot Top 4 Premier League: Tottenham
Top 4 races have gradually revealed the main candidates (Image Source: Internet)

Top 4 races have gradually revealed the main candidates

After 32 rounds, the outcome of the race's Top 4 Premiership fact only a race of four teams. Leicester have the biggest advantage in the standings was third with 54 points. However, Brendan Rodgers's men are not good form and fully capable dropped to 4th after round 33.

Supposed Leicester took this position at Chelsea if teachers and students do not suddenly lose Lampard West Ham. However, the home side at Stamford Bridge still ranked 4th with 54 points. The two teams with the best performance in the English Premier League Manchester United and Wolves now have 52 points together and ranked respectively at No. 5 and 6.

When the championship race has been finalized, the race in the Top 4 Premiership again hotter than ever. Next round, Leicester, Chelsea and Manchester United will meet the rival was rated weaker (Crystal Palace, Watford and Bournemouth) Meanwhile, Arsenal faced Wolves.

Whether any team win in this confrontation, the Chelsea and Manchester United are happy because there will be at least one opponent left in the race in the Top 4.

Top 9 team's first Premier League after round 32 2019/20

Extreme hot Top 4 Premier League: Tottenham
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