By advancing in the European arena, the two giants Manchester United and Manchester City will be made up. And therefore, the match Burnley - Manchester United and Manchester City - Aston Villa in round 1 suspended. Except 2 matches mentioned above, the latest match of the opening round of the 2020/21 English Premiership duel between Brighton and Chelsea at The American Express Community.

Extreme hot standings Premier League: Chelsea have scored 3 goals after leading the first round?
Chelsea (blue light) beat Brighton in the opening round (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea (blue light) beat Brighton in opening round

With a 3-1 win in favor of Chelsea, the English Premier League standings with no surprises after the opening round. The big guns Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and the team in the top 4 race is that Leicester have won. Tottenham are the only team in the Big Six were the military and lost.

Liverpool is the team scoring the most after the first round, with 4 goals. However, winning 4-3 before rookie choking Leeds United makes the defending champions did not make the Top 4 Premiership. Coach Jürgen Klopp's men only ranked sixth, despite more than 2 couples stone yet.

Leading Premier League after Arsenal's screen opening round, with a 3-0 win over Fulham rookie field. 3-0 victory same as "Gunners", Leicester temporary second place simply in the order of the alphabet according to the names of the two teams. "Flying high" beat one other rookie of the Premiership as West Brom.

Chelsea - large courtyard he later earned a 3-1 victory over Brighton deserved. With this result, the Army coach Frank Lampard is ranked third, less Arsenal and Leicester 1 goal. The remaining teams are temporarily break into the top four is Newcastle, with an impressive 2-0 victory over West Ham pitch. Same as Newcastle's 2-0 win but Wolves temporarily ranked fifth, for the same reason as Leicester.

Tottenham is his last big disappointment. 0-1 home defeat against Everton was the first time in his career, defeated Jose Mourinho in the first day of the new season curtain. "Spurs" is currently ranked 15th, a result that does not fans of this team want to see.

Not the same pitch, the big two Manchester City and Manchester United are respectively ranked 11 and 12. United will begin the journey Premiership 2020/21 with a reception difficult opponents Crystal Palace at home in Round 2 on at 23h30, on 19/9 (Hanoi time). Man City play later, Wolves marched to the field at 2.15pm, on 22/9.

Premiership standings after round 1 2020/21: