Trade risk of meltdown why?

British newspapers recently brought information simultaneously blockbuster deal to buy Sancho MU at risk of disrupted by 2 sides have not agreed on the transfer fee.

According to the Daily Mail, the Dortmund insisted MU 108 million pounds but that it is the price too high, unrealistic in the economic context affected by the pandemic covid-19. The two sides conducted negotiations, negotiations in the past several days, but most important is the issue price has not yet reached a consensus.

According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United are ready to abandon the deal if the price is not reduced Sancho Dortmund. "Reds" was aimed at a different target is replacing Kingsley Coman winger Bayern Munich.

MU private ro reach individual agreements with Sancho

Sources from DailyMail said MU has reached an agreement on wages with Sancho. Accordingly, the "Reds" will pay the salary of £ 340,000 / week for the British star. Be aware, this is the highest salary for a British player in the Premiership.

Extreme hot happenings MU - Sancho: Blockbuster 108 million pounds bust risk, why?
Sancho is about to dock MU (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho is about to dock MU

This amount also helps Sancho 2nd of salaries at MU (after goalkeeper David de Gea, who received £ 375,000 / week - the highest Premiership). Reviews in the Premier League, Sancho salary ranks 3rd, after De Gea and Mesut (£ 350,000 / week). Sancho's current £ 190,000 wage / week in Dortmund, in the contract signed in January 8/2019.

Sources from Sky Sports said, MU is approaching the final step to complete the deal. Amount that "Reds" is said to spend 108 million pounds, paid out 3 times. The first tranche will be 63 million pounds, then 27 million pounds and 18 million pounds last.

This variable costs Sancho became the most expensive player in the Premier League. He also became the most expensive acquisition made by an English team, pass rates that MU 89 million pounds spent to recruit Paul Pogba in 2016.

When asked about the deal during a recent press conference, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær has expressed cautious: "America is still very long transfer. Every business needs time. How it occurred to handle it, so when there is new information we will update you. "

This season, Sancho Courtyard 44 appearances for Dortmund, scored 20 goals and made 20 of assists. In 5 leading European League 2019/20 season, only Lionel Messi hit the milestone of 20 goals and 20 in all competitions is created as Sancho.