On the trip to Burnley in the framework of the 36 Premier League, Wolves despite very determined and goal lead but ultimately dropped 2 points deeply regrettable case in the last minute of injury time.

Extreme heat Premiership standings: Racing top 4 disturbance, MU benefit
Wolves were difficult against Burnley (Image Source: Internet)

Wolves were difficult against Burnley

Draw this harm the Wolves when the distance between them and the teams ranked above United still to 3 points, while teachers and coaches Nuno Santo felt the heat is made from Tottenham, the team has a win against Newcastle in round this, thereby narrowing the gap with the Wolves down to 1 point.

With Manchester United and Leicester at 36 stone yet, aspiring to emulate the top 4 of the Wolves will have to receive a fatal blow if the two teams ranked above them with 3 points in this round. If this situation occurs, the Wolves will have 99% to break up with the top 4, because even if Leicester and Manchester United have lost two finalists and the Wolves won 2 last match, they are also difficult to filling the gap the goal difference is very large (+11 compared with +26 and +29 of Leicester MU).

But in fact, the ability to Leicester and Manchester United win in this round is not really high, while their opponents, respectively Sheffield United and Crystal Palace, not the names easy to bully. Chelsea is the most obvious witness. In round 34, they have to work hard to be able to keep the 3-2 win over Palace away, while in round 35, the Blues must get bitter 0-3 defeat against Sheffield United.

Determined to do "dark horse" in the race for the top 4 of Sheffield United will be the factors that make this team become more dangerous than ever when confronted direct rivals Leicester, especially when they have won in 2 most recent round. If you win in this round Leicester, Sheffield United will occupy the 6th place of the Wolves, the poor only a mere 2 points Leicester and then everything can happen.

Risk of Leicester will present a further opportunity in the top 4 for MU. In the previous round, Manchester United also have a chance to break into the top four group winners but missed after the draw against Southampton pity at home. So that in the nearest 3 times to visit the Palace's nest within the Premiership, Manchester United are winning.

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Extreme heat Premiership standings: Racing top 4 disturbance, MU benefit
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