The second time in the 2020/21 season, the Premier League was forced to postpone a match by Covid-19 when Man City discovered at least 3 players and two other members in the infected team (according to the Mirror). Earlier, Kyle Walker and Gabriel Jesus had to be isolated in the match with Newcastle during gifts (December 26) for the same reason.

Everton asked to receive the explanation of the postponement of the match

Fear of the risk of cross-contamination, the tournament organizers are forced to postpone the match between Everton and Man City scheduled on December 29. This is considered the precise action of the Premier League but indignation with the Goodison Park team.

The Merseyside team has an official response to this issue on the team's homepage. "Everton regrets about postponing the match against Man City. We apologize to 2,000 fans who are expected to attend this match and also apologize to supporters at Merseyside and around the world.

Our players have been carefully prepared for the match, the team's staff and at the Goodison Park stadium too. The matches in the Premier League are always important to the team.

Everton always sets a community safety issue. Therefore, we requested the full information explanation that Man City granted the Premier League on this issue to clarify why the decision to postpone the match ".

"The Toffees" has a reason to be angry by the decision to give only 4 hours before the game starts. They want to find out whether Man City is worthy to postpone the match or not because it is likely that the "The Citizen" players have not fully comply with the regulations on social ways.

Everton resented because Man City added Covid-19, was sanctioned?
The match between Arsenal and Man City can be a source of disease (source: Internet)

The match between Arsenal and Man City can be a source of infection

Currently, the cause of the spread of Covid-19 within Man City is determined to happen in London when this team stays at a hotel in his capital to prepare for Arsenal in League Cup.

In the official speech on the homepage, Man City admitted that the extension of the club at the club was not guaranteed and the risk of many new infections appeared. Currently, the Premier League also headaches by appearing the question whether there are Manchester City players with a match against Newcastle?

If so, it will be a disaster for the tournament. The identity of infected players is still hidden but will soon leak out by the British media. It is unclear, whether Man City is sanctioned by the Premier League for this unfortunate incident.