Ancelotti Everton last sublimation

With a gameplay evolution, but also full of diverse efficient Everton on peak reigning Premier League. Achievements 4 wins out of troops under Carlo Ancelotti was extremely convincing.

Everton leading the Premier League, Manchester United plummeted:
Ancelotti is turning into a powerful Everton (Image Source: Internet)

Ancelotti is turning into a powerful Everton

After a period of "warm" season, Everton are emerging as candidates uncomfortable with any big guns in the championship race Premier League 2020/21. Under the guidance of coach Carlo Ancelotti Everton become unpredictable kaleidoscope that.

It is worth mentioning, do not play ball with Everton's center underdogs team, playing in a manner counter-attack. "The Toffees" are the team with the best attack Premier League after 4 rounds, along with Leicester and Tottenham are the team scored 12 goals. And look at the whole way over, no other club in the Premier League with Everton attacking well. They have scored 24 goals in seven matches in all competitions passed, achieving performance of 3.4 goals / match.

When you want to trounce Everton immediately buffeted Brighton 4-2, West Brom 5-2. But when you need to play football effectively, Ancelotti's men can also play tight and win Crystal Palace and Tottenham with a minimum gap.

Win with the minimum gap in the important match, it is the method championship race helped Jose Mourinho to succeed in the Premier League. Now Ancelotti is doing it with Everton.

Manchester United regret

Towards Carlo Ancelotti. Recently, the Italian military rulers have played 100 matches in his capacity as head coach in the Premier League. He had stage from 1/7/2009 to lead Chelsea 05.22.2011. After 8 years, until 12/21/2019, "Carletto" back to England to lead Everton.

Under Ancelotti, Everton won 12 of 24 matches played at Everton alone in the Premier League (Air 6, lost 6). Thus, the military rulers who helped Real win the Champions League this ratio at Everton won up to 50%, an average of 1.75 points per game won.

MU coach Solskjaer has lost carpet Tottenham

This is actually very respectable figure, but still no one to learn that stage was in power at Chelsea, Ancelotti has won up to 63.2 percentage%. Italian military rulers help "Blues" won in 76 matches 48 wins (Air 13, lost 15). Overall, in 100 games in the Premier League, coach Anncelotti wins and won 60% average of 1.99 points per game.

Everton sublimation as the fans MU only regret name Carlo Ancelotti. After day Ferguson back into the past, "Reds" many times is said to be associated with "Carletto". But then again and other times, the red half of Manchester will miss the brain outstanding military elites Italy.

Van Gaal sacked after 2016, Manchester United have the opportunity to sign a contract with Ancelotti. Then "Carletto" unemployed, by left Real Madrid before. But before the delay of Manchester United, Bayern Munich came and signed the contract with the military rulers.

When Jose Mourinho disappointing and fired, MU also is said to be filled with the name Carlo Ancelotti on the candidate list instead. MU eventually appointed Ole Gunnar Solskjær on the hot seat, and although Solskjaer helped the club to the Champions League but became skeptical of his ability is not yet over.