Football throughout Europe is stagnating because of pandemic Covid-19. In difficult times of epidemics this league Belgium (Belgian First Division Jupiler Pro League A or) recently issued a notice to revoke a decision soon ended 2019/20 season, when the early awarded to the team championship Club Brugge headboard.

European leagues shocking require players to wear a mask when playing
Public Sint-Truidense Phuong ever played together with Club Brugge in the Belgian league this season (Image Source: Internet)

According to experts and epidemiologists virus Marc Van Ranst, Belgium league likely will catch all of the 16 players the club tournament will have to wear a mask when the stadium when the back.

Le Soir newspaper shared on (Belgium), 54-year-old scientist said: "One of the plans that we are cherished and would like to make is the use of masks while playing football.

If you surf the Internet, you may find that the rugby players and crabs Tire bike racing in the United States also are using masks to prevent pollution and disease. That helps them more comfortable than masks dedicated to surgery (the doctors). "

In any case, players of both teams in a match of league Belgium to wear masks when playing, this will help them limit the risk of infection Covid-19 service. But this can also cause discomfort to the TV viewers and fans when it is difficult to distinguish the players together to track the phases of the ball striking this match.

Virus expert and epidemiologist Marc Van Ranst said league Belgium should ask the players are required to wear a mask when the stadium between services Covid-19 season

According to the Sports, on 24/4 to the organizers league Belgium will make a decision about whether the 2019/20 season will continue or be canceled. The government has also issued a ban on organizing public events of people from now until the day 31/8. That means that if the league Belgium again, the high-risk matches will be held in the stadium, not the audience.

Belgium is the country with the mortality rate as high Covid-19 world most, by the end date of 17/4. Here, 5,163 people died in total 36 138 people infected with SARS-CoV virus-2. The mortality rate for translate Covid-19 in Belgium was 14.2%, higher than Italy (13%) and the UK (12.8%). The average mortality rate in the world at 6.8%.