Leicester fairytale dream 2nd in Premier League

Pandemic Covid-19 has been making European football shake. The sidelined three months that the club has suffered two consecutive seasons stone with fixtures too close together. Some clubs attended the European Cup last season to break even make a few new full first round of the UEFA criteria for resting.

European football fierce: Leicester, AC Milan or
Leicester surprise leader Premier League standings (Image Source: Internet)

Leicester surprise leader Premier League standings

However, this would create unexpected shock across Europe. In France and Germany, PSG and Bayern Munich are still demonstrate superiority to the rest of Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, but three tournaments remaining, the names are leading the table is really a surprise.

In the Premier League, Leicester City are leading the table with 18 points and left behind the big guns of the tournament. This is a result hardly anyone can think of to be with the excellence of Liverpool and Manchester City in recent 2-3 years. If this is the season "magic" like the season 2015/16 when Leicester unexpectedly crowned champion?

It remains a difficult question to answer especially when the tournament no less dark horses. No one can expect to have a team outside the Big 6 can lead to a 2-7 defeat of Liverpool, Arsenal convincingly won 3-0. That is the Aston Villa team aim relegation last season. This is probably the new "dark horses" surprised most with the audiences love the Premier League.

Serie A, La Liga surprise with the number 1

Similar to the Premier League, Serie A is welcoming a former King atop the rankings. It is AC Milan with the shine of the "old man 39 years" Zlatan Ibrahimovic. "Rossoneri" struggling to reorganize the team in the past few years but they only really find pictures of yourself when Sweden striker joined the team.

Ibrahimovic helped AC Milan are flying high

In fact, many people do not believe Ibrahimovic can do much at the age of 39 but Zlatan again makes everyone stunned with remarkable scoring form. Sweden striker is leading the list of "top scorer" with 8 goals, though sidelined few laps because ... Covid-19 infection.

The name is second on the standings in Serie A is also an extremely unexpected names, Sassuolo. Roberto De Zerbi's coach to revive the image of the "dark horses" of the year when Sassuolo Serie A is also coached by Eusebio Di Francesco. Champions Juventus are even outside the Top 4 of the tournament, an achievement so bad with the same teammates Ronaldo.

La Liga welcomes many surprises. After 9 rounds, Real Sociedad is the team lead with 20 points. They more than 4 points against Real Madrid as defending champions and 9 points over Barcelona. Therefore, although this team has won two of the fixture offset also can not catch up with the Basque club.

Villarreal created more surprising second place on the charts. Unai Emery is proving his talent back to land when Spain.

Of course, the season is still very long, so about the "dark horses" winded in the coming period is to take notice. However, the Leicester, Aston Villa or Real Sociedad, Villarreal can create surprises in this season is entirely feasible. And this helps the football becomes more attractive.

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