In the past, once declared Barcelona Lionel Messi is ready to sell if there are any clubs afford to spend 500 million euros amount. However, many argue that this move of Origin team Catalunya just "blow wind" because they do not want to lose the star No. 1 by any price.

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Lionel Messi (Image Source: Internet)

Lionel Messi

Only thing internal sources of Inter Milan did not think so, recent Sempreinter page reveal the team boss is planning to recruit details Lionel Messi and see this as the ultimate goal.

Accordingly, the board Giuseppe Meazza team owners want to have a name worthy counterbalance Juventus Ronaldo. Thanks to the presence of the Portuguese superstar, Juventus continued to dominate Serie A time when there is the 9th consecutive championships.

Thus emerged a lot of reason to believe Inter will do business "crazy" is whether to pay 500 million euro price for Barcelona. With the backing of wealthy corporations of China Holdings Suning behind, President Truong Khang Duong young after putting on a series of "blockbuster" coach Antonio Conte and clearly wanted more.

Last time, rumors around the future employer 6 Ballon never cooled. Specifically, 33 year old superstar is reportedly finding their way to Serie A after the date not happy at Barcelona.

Since early 2020, between Messi and the Camp Nou happen many problems. Instability in the upper floors, poor transfer policy and lack of leadership orientation Barcelona made one day wither club in La Liga last season.

Next was too depressed for losing La Liga championship, Argentina striker did not bother thinking about contract negotiations between the two parties when the agreement is only 6/2021 to month.

This golden opportunity with Inter Milan can offer attractive invitation to Messi. Sources Sempreinter disclosed, if Juventus ever paid for Real 100 million euros contract with Ronaldo, Inter Milan could even spend a darker so many times when they are willing to buy off the price of 200 million euro, together with the pay 300 million euros in 3 to 5 years. And so, Inter Milan could lose about 500 million euros to achieve the purpose.

In this season, Messi has reached 30 goals with high style in all arenas. In La Liga, he won both titles scorer and King tectonics. However, Messi is still no collective title yet this season after Barcelona serious decline.