Real - Barca fluctuate dramatically

Real Madrid must be received within 3 weeks Tuesday after Sunday's trip full of uncertainties turnout of Valencia. The result not only made 1-4 coach Zinedine Zidane's men fell to fourth place in La Liga standings, but also push this team into a crisis of form.

European big uncertainty: Real - Barca fluctuation, causing Manchester United fan
Real is experiencing a crisis of performance (Image Source: Internet)

Real is experiencing a crisis of form

The erratic is what Real Madrid has shown during the past stages of the 2020/21 season. In the Champions League, the coach's legions white shirt Zidane nor demonstrate the inherent strength. For a while they ranked worst ever, and exits with a late winner against Inter Milan and dramatic.

The vagaries of the Real Madrid shows that they achieved victory over Barcelona 3-1 at the Nou Camp Day 24/10, but only 4 days later was reconciling weakness Monchengladbach 2-2 on the field. They just won 3-2 Inter Milan yesterday is 4/11 to 9/11 carpet Valencia lost 1-4.

Rival Barcelona is no better how. After a period of "honeymoon" with new coach Ronald Koeman, Origin team Catalunya underwent 2 matches only know peace (Sevilla) and lost (Getafe). Messi and his party just won 5-1 Ferencvaros then immediately lost 1-3 at home to Real carpet.

Only 4 days after the defeat in the classic Super, Barca won 2-0 Juventus very convincing on the Italian soil. Then the idea of ​​Messi and the team will maintain its high luminous medium back then La Liga, Barca drew 1-1 away to Alaves primary defects.

In La Liga, two giants Barcelona and Real Madrid are in the transfer process generation has had so weakened. In the English Premier League, defending champion Liverpool also not experiencing the 2020/21 season with stability as usual.

Premier League or Serie A is no exception

Premier League 2019/20, Liverpool won all the first 8 rounds, to come within the new Air 9 MU 1-1 away. And they first defeat in the round of 28, after losing 0-3 at the hands of Watford. But just after 8 rounds of the 2020/21 season, "Red Brigade" drew 2 games, lost 1 matches. In particular, he failed to have the score 2-7 away to Aston Villa.

European big uncertainty: Real - Barca fluctuation, causing Manchester United fan
Liverpool also becomes unstable (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool also became unstable

But to talk about the erratic, perhaps no other club in Europe "unpredictable" as MU. In the Champions League match, the team coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær can beat PSG away, Leipzig victory on home soil, but soon lost bitter Basaksehir Istanbul.

In the Premier League, "Red" is also much less erratic. They finished 0-1 against Arsenal player at home in time of "Gunners" have also lost consecutive Premier League 2 round. Or before that, despite being in good form with three consecutive wins on all fronts, Old Trafford team lost 1-6 at the hands of Tottenham carpet.

Similarly MU, Arsenal is a strange story. They beat Manchester United on away, but then lost to Aston Villa 0-3 on carpet at home. And fans "Gunners", much less also bored MU fans, for you to keep fluctuation witnessed performances of the darling team.

European big uncertainty: Real - Barca fluctuation, causing Manchester United fan
(Image Source: Internet)

Manchester United or Arsenal too

In Serie A, Juventus currently ranked years after round 7. Only detail that was enough to see the "Old Lady" instability like. Scarcely only big Bayern Munich is still maintained in top form in the Bundesliga terrible.

And obviously the instability systematic in all major European leagues is not a coincidence. Can explain that ended very late season 2019/20, with breaks too short for the 2020/21 season has led the preparation of the big team is not good enough. And it is the reason leading to the fluctuation result, a precondition for such shock 2-7 defeat at the hands of Aston Villa Liverpool recently.