Evolutions match MU - Lask (1/8 second leg Europa League)

With 5 goals get advantage in the first leg, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær team decided to use two reception when Lask in the return leg of the Europa League 1/8. It was therefore in, the start was not as good as the players do not get the feeling the ball well.

Europa League football results MU - Lask: blockbuster opening point, upstream easy
MU had difficulties in the first half (Image Source: Internet)

MU had difficulties in the first half

After 11 minutes, they had conceded nearly bit more when the ball looking to the crossbar of goalkeeper Romero. Meanwhile, MU does not have a play dangerous enough to threaten the opponent's goal.

Into the second half, the home team play is somewhat more coherent but they receive "cold water." After 55 minutes, there Wiesinger surprise finish from outside the box that forced goalkeeper Romero picked up the ball into the empty net.

However, MU also just 2 minutes to find the equalizer. Take advantage of their opponents mistakes, delicate Mata pass to Lingard trap Vietnam're already down goalkeeper of visitors by playing off into the near corner.

This goal helps relieve MU players and their mentality completely controlled the game from here. However, it should be up to 88 minutes, then they find a definite goal of the game. MU is the founder of the Anthony Martial, new striker on as a substitute.

Ultimately, MU win before Lask 2-1 on home soil thereby increasing the total score after two matches respectively to the 7-1. Opponents of "Reds" in the quarter-finals is Copenhagen, the team has overcome Basaksehir in couples along the branches.

The score of the game: Manchester United 2-1 Lask (H1: 0-0)


Manchester United: Lingard 57 ', Martial 88'

Lask: Wiesinger 55 '


MU: Romero, Fosu-Mensah, Maguire, Bailly, Williams, Fred, McTominay, Lingard, Mata, James, Ighalo

Lask: Schlager, Andrade, Trauner, Wiesinger, Renner, Michorl, Holland, Ranftl, Balic, Raguz, Frieser

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