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Tottenham travel to Ludogorets in the framework of the Europa League group stage. This is considered easy game of teachers Mourinho when the home team does not get points after two matches. Therefore, the Portuguese teacher has his own calculations. Son Heung-Min was taken on the bench to Bale and Kane battle.

Europa League football results Ludogorets - Tottenham: Son Heung-Min tectonics, Kane aglow
Harry Kane sailed high Headed opener (Image Source: Internet)

Harry Kane sailed high Headed opener

Tottenham captain soon get the chance but shot over the bar once also once broke seek wide. Finally, Harry Kane scored in the third chance good header from a corner kick on the left wing. Early goal helped Tottenham ball, the easier impose.

Visitors bombarded and then repeatedly missed, Lucas Moura had doubled the lead after the cross so beautiful and fit of Harry Kane. Closed the first half with 2 goals advantage, Mourinho decided to leave pillars out in the second half.

However, Tottenham surprise to accept defeat with 50 minutes scorers for the home side is connected keserű with accurate kick. Mourinho fears being settled as soon as Son Heung-Min appears. Korean striker can pass a teammate to reach the ball flipped into Lo Celso.

Ultimately, Tottenham won 3-1 before Ludogorets and temporarily return to the top spot. Meanwhile, the home team continued to stand bottom without any points.

The score of the game: Ludogorets 1-3 Tottenham (H1: 0-2)


Ludogorets: keserű 50 '

Tottenham: Kane 13 ', Moura 32' Lo Celso 62 '


Ludogorets: Iliev, Nedyalkov, Verdon, Terziev, Ikoko, Anicet, Badji, Yankov, Souza, Manu, keserű

Tottenham: Joe Hart, Davies, Alderweireld, Dier, Doherty, Winks, Sissoko, Moura, Lo Celso, Bale, Kane

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