This morning (13/11), four of the UEFA EURO final name in 2020 have been identified. The two teams are highly valued as Serbia and Iceland has suddenly ended manually, give tickets for Scotland and Hungary. Meanwhile, the two remaining tickets to Slovakia and North Macedonia belongs.

EURO 2020 identified full 24 teams: Round table on fire,
Six of the league table UEFA EURO 2020 has been completed (Image Source: Internet)

Six of the league table UEFA EURO 2020 has been completed

With these results, the UEFA EURO 6 league table in 2020 has been completed and the audience will certainly be very interesting with a lot of dramatic league.

Most notable is the Group F with the arrival of 3 big as France, Germany, Portugal and the final name is Hungarian. Team of Eastern European region was indeed met want the same difficulty when traversing an Icelandic stunned opponent is done, must fight three "giant".

Modalities with the two leaders select each table and finished third four teams with the highest achievement, the ability to France Germany and Portugal together at the next round is possible. Meanwhile, Hungary Tel bring true meaning "side stepping" to the three remaining teams "plow" sub-index.

Meanwhile, Slovakia make up the face of unpredictable for Group E. Spain is rated as the most powerful, but the Swedish league, section, Poland or Slovakia are both opponents "not pleasant". All three of this team can surprise the risk should be eliminated Spain from the group stage is not fiction.

In Group D, fate brought England and Scotland lie a league table with two other representatives as Croatia and the Czech Republic. Compared with the rest, teachers Gareth Southgate is assessed much higher. Croatian is Runner's World Cup but the key players are their aging so difficult to repeat performance 2 years ago.

EURO 2016 finals will be recreated from the round table

In Group A, B and C have the face quite clearly. Italy Tel falls on the league table is quite favorable to the participation of Switzerland, Wales and Turkey. Almost certainly teachers coach Mancini will hold a ticket to go forward and remaining capacity will be the competition of three Tel behind. Similarly, both the Netherlands and Belgium luck falls on the league table is not too difficult.

With modalities select 4 teams ranked third best record, the group stage of UEFA EURO 2020 will appeal until the last minute because almost certainly, any team is also the opportunity to go forward after 2 weekly auction. EURO 2020 capital no landlords and interest expected to be held in 12 cities in 12 European countries.

However, translation Covid-19 makes everything turned upside down. EURO 2020 Schedule delayed 1 year (12.06.2020 to 07.12.2021) and current venues have yet to be decided. Many sources claim that UEFA is considering the possibility for Russia to host this event, but the official announcement has not.