Barcelona is showing two opposed face. In the Champions League, teachers Ronald Koeman soon won the ticket to the Knock-out round after the fourth match with the full achievement, but La Liga was another story.

Barca can wholeheartedly for the La Liga race after completing the task in the Champions League

The loss of Atletico Madrid 0-1 in the 9th round made Baca extend the "disaster" day of La Liga, only winning 1/6 of the nearest match (losing 3, Hoa 2) and dropped to Rank 13. Achievement 11 points / 8 matches also became the worst start of the "Catalunya giant" since the 1991/92 season.

In fact, the teacher Koeman has 2 unpicked games and in the context of the task in the Champions League group, they can wholeheartedly for the La Liga race. Barca's opponent this weekend, Osasuna is ranked right below them (with 11 points but inefficient) is considered a challenge and helping the Nou Camp team to find the feeling of victory.

Like Barca, Real Madrid returned to La Liga with the fulcrum of Inter 2-0 victory in the Champions League group. However, the "royal team" was more fortunate than the rivalth while still heading the top 4 La Liga after 2 losses and harmony (Valencia 1-4, Villarreal 1-1).

Alaves (Grade 15) is clearly not a threat to teachers Zinedine Zidane to know, "The Royal Family" won the nearest 8 to meet this opponent at the Bernabeu home.

Estimated ratio of Round 11 La Liga: Real, Barca sublimation thanks to inspiration C1
Real plays the role of "Fishman Dac Loi" in the 11th round? (Photo source: Internet)

Real plays the role of "Fishman Dac Loi" in the 11th round?

In the round 11, the top team Real Sociedad encountered the 3rd ranked team in Villalarreal, and the second team Atletico Madrid met the opponent of uncomfortable Valencia. Therefore, Real Madrid refunds can play the role of "Fishman Dac Loi" if defeating Alaves, and waiting for 3 teams to rank them on their legs.