Recently, Real Madrid have rejected an offer from a club unidentified in the Premier League for midfielder Gareth Bale. This can make the team the Spanish royal Bale lost in transfer next summer.

English team secretly asked for Bale: Real verdict incredible for
Bale escape difficult lives "heir" in Madrid (Image Source: Internet)

Bale escape difficult lives "heir" at Real Madrid

Wales star was no longer in the plans of coach Zinedine Zidane long. Earlier this week, Bale admits he is interested in the Premiership and disclosure is likely to return to the place he has shone in the past is Tottenham.

31 years old midfielder is still one year contract with Real Madrid, but he is considered "surplus" at the Bernabeu due to their form dropped and unnecessary conflicts with captain Zidane. At Real, Bale is receiving excessively high salary £ 600,000 / week before taxes.

English team secretly asked for Bale: Real verdict incredible for
Bale is not in the plans of coach new season Zidane (Image Source: Internet)

Bale is not in the plans of coach Zidane's new season

High income levels that many teams do not take risks with the midfielder although he remains an offensive player with special skills world-class. Real ever want to sell Bale for a team in China, but until the last minute, the former Tottenham star has not reached agreement with the club personally.

In the transfer window this summer, Bale's Tottenham goals when Mourinho was pretty excited with the prospect of working with the star that he'd recruited in the past. However, prior information Real has refused the offer of an English team, the future of many possibilities Bale will remain at the Bernabeu.

Wales midfielder was big disappointment at the Bernabeu

In summer 2013, Bale joined Real for 86 million pounds. In the coat color "white vultures", 31 years old midfielder has a total of 251 appearances in all competitions, scoring 105 goals and 68 is made up of the table.

In the 2019/20 season, Bale coach Zinedine Zidane was in exile on the bench and only 20 appearances for Real in all competitions.