England will return on July 5/9 reels to play with on the field trip to Tel Iceland, before moving to Denmark only 3 days later in the first two-legged UEFA Nations League 2020/21 group stage. This season, England in Group A2, of League A, the same teams Iceland, Denmark and Belgium.

England summoned: Maguire was
Maguire has been summoned but later disqualified for being determined to be guilty after scuffle in Greece (Image Source: Internet)

Maguire has been summoned but later disqualified for being determined to be guilty after scuffle in Greece

Southgate Coach recently announced list England summoned to the tournament this year. Accordingly, the list includes times summoned most of the new factors or impress young stars in recent years. Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Jack Grealish (Aston Villa), James Maddison and Jamie Vardy (with Leicester) are the most notable absence in this round of focus.

In the case of Harry Maguire, initially the midfielder still be Gareth Southgate called up, but after the official results from the Greek court, the strategists have decided which type of captain of Manchester United from the list. Explaining this decision, coach Southgate said: "According to the latest happenings from the trial Maguire, I can confirm that he's officially out of formation types Iceland and Denmark fight ahead.

As I said before, I will make a decision based on the latest information from the trial. After consultation the parties and colleagues in the coaching staff, I found to Maguire in the moment is the best measure. "

Maguire was recently in Greece court declared guilty after twisting into a scuffle with a group of people and the police. Maguire was sentenced to 21 months probation for assault others, insults and intentional bribery.

England summoned: Maguire was
List initial convening of England (Image Source: Internet)

List initial convening of England

Raheem Sterling, another case was also media attention in session this concentration of England, when he attended the party with stars athletics Usain Bolt before the former athlete confirmed positive for Covid-19. In the latest tests, Sterling had negative tests. In the list of 24 players coach Southgate, Sterling has contributed.

Talking about the case of the Sterling and the general situation of the team in the prevention of diseases, manager Southgate said: "I think we have about 7 untested players regularly. We will perform a check this week. Duties will heavier because we put the players from clubs up. Anybody up here will also be examined, 4-5 times / week ".

The young England star was released at this stage focus is remarkable, with the names has caused a good impression in the past season as Phil Foden, Mason Greenwood have contributed. Notably, the club's rookie midfielder Premiership next season, Leeds United, Kalvin Phillips, will be the first time to recruit.

MU has many faces contribution for England at this stage the most with 3 names (Dean Henderson, Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford). Tottenham also contributed similar with 3 names (Eric Dier, Harry Winks, Harry Kane). In the "Big Six", Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool along with 2 face while Arsenal have no representation.

Details list convene the initial England