Research center of international football (CIES) recently announced the standings the most expensive player in the world. But surprisingly, except Kylian Mbappe owns the first position with 230 million pounds, 4 out of 5 leading position belongs to the British players including Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Marcus Rashford .

England Euro 2021: Crying scream lineup £ 1bn, SAO City
Lineup 1 billion pounds worth of "Three Lions" (Image Source: Internet)

Lineup 1 billion pounds worth of "Three Lions"

Therefore, the Daily Mail was quickly arranged a squad worth £ 1 billion of Euro 2021 England attended the forces are extremely powerful at all levels. It is noteworthy that of the 11 players selected without any names of "Three Lions" below 50 million pounds. Man City star special, Raheem Sterling has a maximum value of up to 173 million pounds.

And there is another special thing else is only Jadon Sancho is playing in the UK beyond (Dortmund, Bundesliga), the rest all play in the Premier League.

Perhaps £ 1bn figure is still slightly less because the above list only 11 players rather than 23. Moreover, in this number also lacks some other typical face as Harry Kane, Jordan Pickford, Kyle Walker , Mason Mount ...

The majority of the players in the hands of coach Southgate are now much more mature after once into the semi-final World Cup 2018. Because of this, if we look at the strength and powerful force of "Three Lions", many team must have quietly happy because the Euro has been postponed to 2021.

Earlier, the euro is expected to take place in mid-May 6/2020 in 12 cities across Europe. However, UEFA has been forced to postpone the Euro in 2020 to deal with the pandemic Covid-19 is spreading fast in the old continent. Besides, the countries in the region will have one year to get the most thorough preparation for Euro 2021.

List of 11 names expensive in locations spread "Three Lions":