MU, No. 3 rankings

Looking back at the game was "final Top 4" at the King Power, MU is the underdog teams, but luck seems to be with us deserve. From full-fledged penalty of Bruno, or to seize the opportunity of the situation showed Lingard "Reds" fought to the last minute like.

Ending the 2019/20 Premier League: Four pride he fall into C1 Cup group plans are?
MU down right away Leicester (Image Source: Internet)

MU down right away Leicester

So MU obtain final 3rd place is also nothing to the table. During the journey of thorns, Army Cola earned 32 points after 14 rounds end and narrowing the gap 14 points against Leicester. Meanwhile, Leicester have won just round the nearest 2/10 and also missed too many chances in the decisive battle.

Also, with less than 3 days off rivals but United could make a difference with 2 goals. So obviously too Solskjaer army worthy of the Champions League season tickets behind.

Chelsea, ranked No. 4 ranking

In fairness, Chelsea have encountered difficulties before a Wolves are very hungry to get points to defend the European Cup berth. However imprint infantry tactics and how to use the key Lampard is still deciding the fate of the game. And Mount Mason blockbuster with goals from Giroud in the first-half injury time, partly reflects that.

Ending the 2019/20 Premier League: Four pride he fall into C1 Cup group plans are?
Chelsea celebrate the victory (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea celebrate victory

Looking back over the length of the tournament, Chelsea some time playing rather are teetering, especially the defense playing under request. But if you look overall, a strategist in the first year of work, plus a team of young and only a rookie (Pulisic), Chelsea and Lampard was so successful with the 4th position overall.

When the new season starts with the presence of Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech, and can then Kai Havertz, Chelsea will be even more worth seeing.

Champions Liverpool

There is nothing to argue about the strength of this season's Premier League new king. Despite conceding poked Newcastle before but 3 goals from Van Dijk, Origi and Mane showed Liverpool's championship with a total of 99 points is entirely deserved.

Although was eliminated in the Champions League, but it can be said, "The Kop" still deserves the "flagship" of the Premier League in Europe next season.

Runner Man City

Canada through the team relegated Norwich to 5 goals without reply at the end of season match, Pep Guardiola still determined to be loyal to his football philosophy. Also, this may be an affirmation for the strength of the Premier League runners-up and also the "war letters" sent to Real Madrid before the return Champions League this season.