Neymar confrontation Sakai in the game PSG - Marseille

Last match scuffle PSG - Marseille in round 2 with 5 red card drawn aftershocks still exist. Although the subcommittee discipline Ligue 1 has set the sentence for five players were booked but they were still investigating acts of racial discrimination by Alvaro Gonzalez with Neymar, abusive behavior discrimination homosexuals own Neymar with Alvaro and Neymar cursed suspected case Hiroki Sakai Japanese players.

Dumbfounded risk Neymar suspended for 23 games because scuffle PSG - Marseille?
Neymar and Alvaro Gonzalez (Image Source: Internet)

Neymar and Alvaro Gonzalez

Show case of Sakai is most notable because although Neymar seemed angry rated cool Alvaro to "defend the honor" of his, that he swore Sakai as "scum China" if proven true Neymar will make not only what is not very clean, but can also receive more severe punishment. Neymar is currently suspended for 2 games and can increase if received by 1 3 yellow cards in 10 matches the next.

Marseille have confirmed they have documentation to verbally denounce Neymar Hiroki Sakai

Ligue 1 have quite strict rules for behavior racism & discrimination homosexuals, with a maximum possible sentence of up to 10 games suspension. If Neymar has been demonstrated both Alvaro and Sakai insults, he can get the fine suspended for 20 games record with the sentence had red cards in the game was "Le Classique".

French football has a reputation for being very strict in enforcing the punishment. In the history of Brazilian legend Jairzinho has been suspended for two years after an incident when linesman rated jacket in 1975 and Marseille in the Coupe de play Paris Saint-Germain France meet. Sentence suspended for 23 games for Neymar thus will not be a record sentence.